Press Releases

2023 Releases

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21-Sep-2023 32% dos Títulos Verdes obtiveram um Greenium na primeira metade de 2023
21-Sep-2023 El 32% de los bonos verdes alcanzó un “greenium” en el primer semestre de 2023
21-Sep-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative y la Bolsa de Valores Quito (BVQ) se unen para impulsar las finanzas sostenibles em Ecuador
21-Sep-2023 New Study Reveals Expanded Role of CFOs in Driving Climate Transition
20-Sep-2023 Ambição, Ação e Responsabilidade: Climate Bonds lança Guia para avaliar a credibilidade de planos de Transição
20-Sep-2023 Ambición, acción y rendición de cuentas son los tres pilares de la guía para evaluar planes de transición creíbles.
20-Sep-2023 Ambition, Action and Accountability Lay the Triple Pillars of Guidance Released to Assess Credible Transition Plans
19-Sep-2023 32% of Green Bonds Achieved a Greenium in the First Half of 2023
05-Sep-2023 Kestrel to be First US-Based Approved Verifier for Green Company/Green Issuer Certification
16-Aug-2023 ISS Corporate Solutions to be First Approved Verifier for Green Company Certification
15-Aug-2023 Green and other labelled finance markets hit $4Trillion mark
02-Aug-2023 Global First for Low Carbon Steel Manufacturing as Hybar issues USD330m Certified Climate Bonds
18-Jul-2023 Derribando barreras para un futuro más sostenible: Climate Bonds Connect 2023 llega a Colombia
18-Jul-2023 Climate Bonds CONNECT 2023 lands in Colombia
16-Jul-2023 Building bridges for climate action: Comparative Study paves the way for collaboration between Colombia and the European Union
16-Jul-2023 Tendiendo puentes para la acción climática: Un estudio comparativo allana el camino para la colaboración entre Colombia y la Unión Europea
04-Jul-2023 QIC and Vector secures A$1.6bn Climate Bonds Certified green loan for Vector Metering acquisition and green capex
20-Jun-2023 UNDRR and Climate Bonds begin an ambitious journey into climate resilience finance
09-Jun-2023 China is off to spur the transition debt market
09-Jun-2023 中国转型类债券市场蓄势待发
09-Jun-2023 Hong Kong is determined to cement its position as a green and sustainable finance hub while addressing the city’s own climate agenda
08-Jun-2023 Empowering Emerging Economies: Central Banks Take Charge in Managing Climate Risks
04-May-2023 ASEAN Green and other labelled bond market contracted 32% YOY in 2022, despite sovereign support
03-May-2023 Mercado Sostenible Colombiano alcanza USD2.400m en emisiones de VSS+
03-May-2023 Colombian Sustainable Market reaches USD2.4bn in GSS+ issuances
27-Apr-2023 Research Shows How AIIB-Amundi Climate Change Investment Framework Can Guide Investors
19-Apr-2023 Títulos verdes e outros títulos rotulados combateram a inflação para acumular US$ 858.5 bilhões em 2022
18-Apr-2023 Green and Other Labelled Bonds Fought Inflation to amass USD858.5bn Volume in 2022
13-Apr-2023 A major step forward for financial markets as new Certification Scheme launched for Entities, Assets and Sustainability-Linked Debt
05-Apr-2023 Brazil sustainable market: how-to guide target investors, governments, and asset managers
05-Apr-2023 Mercado sustentável no Brasil: como orientar investidores, governos e administradores de ativos
04-Apr-2023 San Francisco to Finance Sustainable Sewer Upgrades with Climate Bonds Sale
28-Mar-2023 气候债券倡议组织欢迎兴业研究公司加入其气候债券合作伙伴计划
28-Mar-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative welcomes CIB Research to its partnership programme
16-Mar-2023 Green Bond Label Helped Deals Over the Line in Volatile 2022
16-Feb-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative が「Financing Credible Transitions」ペーパーの
16-Feb-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative announces Japanese version of 'Financing Credible Transitions' paper
31-Jan-2023 Green and other Labelled Bonds Held Market Share in 2022 Amidst Fall of Global Fixed-Income
24-Jan-2023 气候债券倡议组织与万得开启战略合作,助力可持续金融市场发展 气候债券倡议组织(CBI)与万得(Wind)近日宣布达成战略合作,并签署了谅解备忘录(MoU)。
18-Jan-2023 Report: ASEAN Companies Must Be More Transparent on Transition Plans
10-Jan-2023 Wind joins Climate Bonds Initiative as strategic partner to empower China's bond issuers and investors
09-Jan-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative and the CFA Society United Kingdom join forces to increase awareness around the sustainable finance agenda

2022 Releases

14-Dec-2022 日本の資本市場の気候資金動員へ向け、 地球環境戦略研究機関とClimate Bonds Initiativeが覚書締結
14-Dec-2022 Climate Bonds Initiative and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies join forces to mobilise Japanese capital market for climate action
08-Dec-2022 Climate Bonds launches Steel Criteria and Policy Guidance for Global Steel Industry to Transition to Net Zero
07-Dec-2022 Principles and Hallmarks for Transitioning Agri-Food Systems: Opportunities, Pathways and Actions
30-Nov-2022 Relatório: Empresas que sinalizam ação climática oferecem oportunidades de financiamento sustentável
30-Nov-2022 Relatório: Empresas que sinalizam ação climática oferecem oportunidades de financiamento sustentável
30-Nov-2022 Relatório: Empresas que sinalizam ação climática oferecem oportunidades de financiamento sustentável
30-Nov-2022 Relatório: Empresas que sinalizam ação climática oferecem oportunidades de financiamento sustentável
30-Nov-2022 Informe: Las empresas que dan señales de acción climática ofrecen oportunidades de financiación sostenible
29-Nov-2022 Un "nuevo capítulo" para las finanzas sostenibles, Climate Bonds se expande hacia la Transición: Políticas, Estándares, e identificación para el mercado
29-Nov-2022 Climate Bonds divulga Guia de Políticas para Oportunidades de Financiamento Sustentável
29-Nov-2022 Climate Bonds publica la Guía de Políticas para Oportunidades de Financiación Sostenible
25-Nov-2022 New Chair Doris Honold brings 25 years finance experience to Climate Bonds Initiative global market expansion plans
09-Nov-2022 Green Bond Market Hits USD2tn Milestone at end of Q3 2022
20-Oct-2022 Climate Bonds Calls for $5trillion Green Bond Issuance per Year by 2025
20-Oct-2022 Companies Flagging on Climate Action offer Sustainable Financing Opportunities: Report
20-Oct-2022 A ‘new chapter’ for sustainable finance Climate Bonds Expansion into Transition-Standards, Policy, Market Screening Capabilities
20-Oct-2022 Climate Bonds Releases Policy Guide to Sustainable Finance Opportunities
20-Oct-2022 Un "nuevo capítulo" para las finanzas sostenibles, Climate Bonds se expande hacia la Transición: Políticas, Estándares, e identificación para el mercado
12-Oct-2022 imug becomes an Approved Verifier of Climate Bonds
05-Oct-2022 Climate Bonds partners with United Nations for Global Impact and Climateworks Centre to speed up brown-to-green transition in Asia Pacific region
04-Oct-2022 Climate Bonds Launches Fast-Track Certification: Expediting the Certification Process for Debt Issuers and Approved Verifiers
20-Sep-2022 Investor Appetite Drives Pricing Benefits for Sustainability-Linked Bond (SLBs)
15-Sep-2022 Perú, Pionero en Finanzas Sostenibles de América Latina, llega a 4,8 mil millones de dólares en emisiones VSS+ en 2021
15-Sep-2022 Peru, Latin America's Sustainable Finance Pioneer reaches USD 4.8bn in GSS+ issuances in 2021
23-Aug-2022 TCX becomes a Climate Bonds Partner
09-Aug-2022 Arup becomes the first engineering consulting firm to verify green bonds in the US
03-Aug-2022 H1 Market Report: Green and other labelled bond volumes reach $417.8bn in first half of 2022
01-Aug-2022 Brazil's Ministry of Economy and Climate Bonds Initiative sign agreement to make foreign trade greener
25-Jul-2022 Ministério da Economia do Brasil e Climate Bonds Initiative assinam Memorando de Entendimento para fortalecer a agenda de Finanças Sustentáveis no país
04-Jul-2022 中国实现“双碳”目标的雄心将继续促进其绿色债券市场的壮大
04-Jul-2022 Report: China’s green bond issuance more than doubled last year as nation stares down climate goals
04-Jul-2022 Green debt soars in Hong-Kong as other thematic labels fast emerge
30-Jun-2022 Financial aggregation can help address the triple threat of climate change, environmental degradation, and social inequalities.
01-Jun-2022 Global best practice Standard and Certification Scheme furthers verification services across Asia-Pac region: BSI Pacific becomes an Approved Verifier under the Climate Bonds Standard
26-May-2022 India Sustainable Debt Market hits USD 19.5 Billion in cumulative issuance
19-May-2022 New! China Green Finance Policy Analysis Report 2021
18-May-2022 Three-Quarters of Green Bond Volume Raised in China Offers Reporting on Project Expenditure
06-May-2022 投资人寻求更多优质中国绿色债券
06-May-2022 Eyes on the Tiger: Investors are looking for more, high-quality, green bonds issuances coming from China
05-May-2022 BNDES and Climate Bonds Initiative sign agreement to promote sustainable finance in Brazil
04-May-2022 Transpower launches Green Finance Programme in a first for transmission grids
02-May-2022 BNDES e Climate Bonds Initiative assinam acordo para promover finanças sustentáveis no Brasil
21-Apr-2022 Sustainable Debt Topped $1Trillion in 2021: Huge volume of climate-conscious capital raised in a record year: flagship report
19-Apr-2022 Bolsa de Santiago sella alianza estratégica con Climate Bonds Initiative para promoción y desarrollo de bonos verdes
06-Apr-2022 Climate Bonds Standard continues expansion into Transition: Public consultation to open on Criteria for Basic Chemicals: Certification soon available for entire facilities and assets producing basic chemicals
22-Mar-2022 Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento e Climate Bonds Initiative renovam Memorando de Entendimento por mais 2 anos
17-Mar-2022 Climate Bonds launches Indonesia GIIO Report with ADB: Green Infrastructure Opportunities for Green Bond Investment and Green Recovery
15-Mar-2022 Green bonds demonstrate pricing benefits for both issuers and investors in primary and secondary markets
21-Feb-2022 Climate Bonds Standard expansion into Transition: Public consultation opens on Criteria for Cement
18-Feb-2022 Iguá announces certification of the first green bond in Latin America for Water Infrastructure
18-Feb-2022 Iguá anuncia certificação do primeiro título verde da América Latina para infraestrutura hídrica
17-Feb-2022 Transition Finance in China: new report reveals that trillions of dollars are needed to achieve low-carbon credible transition
17-Feb-2022 Climate Bonds Standard Board award Agusto & Co Approved Verifier status
28-Jan-2022 Thailand: Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities for Green Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Climate Bonds continues its series on sustainable investment opportunities across the globe
26-Jan-2022 中国可持续债券市场发展势头迅猛:中国推出各类创新贴标券种,巩固其作为绿色、社会和可持续债券(GSS)主要新兴市场发行国的地位
26-Jan-2022 Keeping the momentum: China introduces innovative labels into domestic market and consolidates position as the primary emerging market source of green, social and sustainability (GSS) bonds

2021 Releases

23-Dec-2021 Costa Rica: USD150m: First Certified green bond for Hydropower Criteria under the Climate Bonds Standard
09-Dec-2021 Climate Bonds Initiative welcomes the adoption of EU Taxonomy Regulation by the European Council
24-Nov-2021 Climate Bonds Initiative recognises Green Star as a pathway to net zero buildings: Two new proxies available for Certification under the Low Carbon Buildings Criteria
18-Nov-2021 Climate Bonds Initiative publica relatório sobre o mercado de finanças verdes na América Latina e Caribe (ALC)
10-Nov-2021 Russian Federation adopts green taxonomy: Matches 100g CO2 gas-power threshold in EU Parliament’s approved Act
10-Nov-2021 PEP’s Intellihub secures $A1.45bn World’s first Certified Green Loan under Electrical Grids and Storage Criteria
08-Nov-2021 Climate Bonds Initiative publica su último informe sobre el mercado de América Latina y el Caribe (ALC)
28-Oct-2021 $1Trillion Annual Green Bond Milestone Tipped for end 2022-$5Trillion Annual by 2025 is new Global Target says CEO Sean Kidney
13-Oct-2021 Climate Bonds Initiative welcomes Metrics Credit Partners to the Climate Bonds Partnership Programme
28-Sep-2021 China State of the Market 2020 Report
24-Sep-2021 Climate Bonds Initiative releases its latest report for Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) market
15-Sep-2021 Greenium Persists in H1 2021- plus Latest Research Reflects Ongoing Green Bond Pricing Benefits for Investors
10-Sep-2021 Climate Bonds launches new Transition Finance for Transforming Companies Discussion Paper
01-Sep-2021 Speakers Announced for Climate Bonds Conference21
31-Aug-2021 Green bonds market on track for a record half trillion year: USD496.1bn issued across all sustainable debt labels in H1 2021 as markets surge
27-Aug-2021 BLX gets awarded Approved Verifier Status under the Climate Bonds Standard
11-Aug-2021 Registration Opens for Climate Bonds Conference21
13-Jul-2021 Potencial de investimento verde no Brasil chega a US$ 1,3 trilhão
09-Jul-2021 Sustainable Finance Soars in North America: Sustainable Debt North America State of the Market 2021 Report
07-Jul-2021 Climate Aligned Bond Universe: Investment Opportunities Outside the Labelled Green Market
05-Jul-2021 Climate Bonds Initiative welcomes Chongwa (Macao) Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. (MOX) to joining the Climate Bonds Partners Programmev
05-Jul-2021 氣候債券倡議組織歡迎中華(澳門)金融資產交易股份有限公司 加入其氣候債券合作夥伴計劃
29-Jun-2021 Mercado brasileiro de títulos verdes bate a marca dos 9 bilhões de dólares
24-Jun-2021 Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area 2021 Report
24-Jun-2021 2021年粤港澳大湾区 绿色基础设施投资机遇报告
18-Jun-2021 Green CRA Tech receives certification from the Climate Bonds Initiative as the first collective Green CRA issuance in the world
18-Jun-2021 Green CRA Tech receives certification from the Climate Bonds Initiative as the first collective Green CRA issuance in the world
25-May-2021 Climate Bonds releases Post-Issuance Reporting in the Green Bond Market 2021 report Comprehensive review of green bond post-issuance reporting practices, supported by critical reflections on past and future market trends, within and beyond UoP instrument
14-May-2021 Climate Bonds Initiative releases Hong Kong Green Bond Market Briefing 2020
14-May-2021 2020年香港綠色債券發行量達到21億美元 債券數量創新高: 可持續金融產品為市場添注動力
12-May-2021 Hoja de Ruta para una Taxonomía en Chile: Un paso más hacia la consolidación de la agenda de Finanzas Verdes en el país
12-May-2021 Taxonomy Roadmap for Chile: One more step towards consolidating the local Green Finance Agenda
29-Apr-2021 Climate Bonds to develop transition frameworks for EU heavy industry: Focus on credible climate transition plans in line with EU Net Zero targets
28-Apr-2021 Record year for Green, Social and Sustainability Debt Issuance in ASEAN: Climate Bonds Initiative Report
27-Apr-2021 EY Brazil confirmed as Approved Verifier to the Climate Bonds Standard
22-Apr-2021 Sustainable Debt: Global State of the Market 2020: Scale and Depth of $1.7tn Green, Social and Sustainability Debt Market
20-Apr-2021 Tradeweb Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program
20-Apr-2021 Climate Bonds Announces 2021 Awards: Premier recognition of leadership and innovation in green finance enters 6th year
29-Mar-2021 IENE to Offer Services as a Climate Bonds Approved Verifier
25-Mar-2021 Climate Bonds launches Hydropower Criteria for Sustainable Hydropower Projects
23-Mar-2021 SustainAdvisory receives Approved Verifier Status under the Climate Bonds Standard
10-Mar-2021 Climate Bonds Releases Green Bond Pricing Report for H2 2020: Greenium increasingly visible including German Sovereign Green Bund
08-Mar-2021 Lanzamiento: Financiando el transporte sustentable en México Informe 2021
08-Mar-2021 Launch: Financing Low-Carbon Transport in Mexico Briefing 2021
08-Mar-2021 Climate Bonds releases Malaysia GIIO Report: Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities for Green Bond, Loan & Sukuk Investment
16-Feb-2021 New Climate Bonds Certification criteria released for Buildings in European Cities
14-Jan-2021 Sovereign Green, Social, and Sustainability Bond Survey 2021

2020 Releases

22-Dec-2020 Launch: Financing low-carbon building in Mexico
21-Dec-2020 African Green Finance Landmark from Rubicola: First Approved Verifier under Climate Bonds Standard
03-Dec-2020 Brazilian SITAWI Confirmed as Approved Verifier to the Climate Bonds Standard
01-Dec-2020 Certification of CADU Mexico Green Bond under Climate Bond Standard A first for new build homes in LATAM
26-Nov-2020 Philippines: Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities (GIIO) Report 2020 Launch
09-Nov-2020 Climate Bonds Criteria to Steer Investments in Shipping Industry Launched
20-Oct-2020 EcoCasa approved as new proxy for Certification under Climate Bond Standard: Boost for sustainable housing investment in Mexico
20-Oct-2020 EcoCasa aprobado como nuevo proxy para la certificación según el Climate Bond Standard, Impulso a la inversión en vivienda sustentable en México
13-Oct-2020 Launch of Australia & New Zealand Green Loans Report
12-Oct-2020 Banco de Bogotá debuts in the green bond market with COP 300 billion issuance
02-Oct-2020 SFPUC Announces Latest Details of Certified ‘Taxable’ Green Bond Offering
23-Sep-2020 Certificación de $ 15,5 millones de Panasolar en Bono Verde: Primera certificación en Centroamérica para un Bono Verde que financiará un proyecto de Energía Solar
20-Sep-2020 Brighte to issue Australia’s first 100% green backed Certified Green Bonds under the Climate Bonds Standard
18-Sep-2020 Certification of Panasolar $15.5m Green Bond: A first for Solar in Central America
07-Sep-2020 Sept 9th: AIIB and Amundi Launch Climate Change Investment Framework: To Drive Asia's Green Recovery and Transition  
07-Sep-2020 Ecoagro and Rizoma Agro announce the world's first Green Bond Certified under the Climate Bonds Standard for Agriculture
07-Sep-2020 Climate Bonds Initiative and Credit Suisse publish - Financing Credible Transitions - White Paper
22-Jul-2020 Bureau Veritas Brazil Confirmed as Approved Verifier to the Climate Bonds Standard: Commitment to best practice as green finance market grows in Brazil
13-Jul-2020 Rumo issues first LATAM green bond for freight rail: Proceeds to finance capacity and efficiency improvements of freight rail network: Certified under Climate Bonds Low Carbon Transport Criteria
09-Jul-2020 Rumo emite o primeiro título verde da história das ferrovias de carga na América Latina
05-Jul-2020 Climate Bonds Announces 2020 Green Bond Pioneer Award Winners - Premier event marking international leadership in green finance & innovation enters 5th Year
28-Jun-2020 Climate Bonds Initiative & CCDC jointly publish the fourth annual China Green Bond Market Report: Supported by HSBC: China cements position as a leading green bond market with USD55.8bn issued in 2019
23-Jun-2020 Lançamento: Plano de Investimentos Verdes para a Agricultura Brasileira
23-Jun-2020 Launching Brazil's Green Investment Roadmap for Agriculture
19-Jun-2020 Climate Bonds Initiative welcomes Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited to joining the Climate Bonds Partners Programme
19-Jun-2020 氣候債券倡議組織歡迎香港交易所加入其氣候債券合作夥伴計劃
16-Jun-2020 State Street Global Advisors becomes a Climate Bonds Partner
28-May-2020 Bordier & Cie werden Partner der Climate Bonds Initiative
28-May-2020 Bordier & Cie rejoint le programme de Climate Bonds Initiative
28-May-2020 Bordier & Cie joins Climate Bonds Partners Programme
05-May-2020 2019年香港綠色債券發行量達到26億美元 低碳建築仍是綠色債券募集資金主要投放領域
05-May-2020 Launch of HK Green Bond Market Briefing 2019 - In partnership with HSBC, supported by HKMA & HKGFA
30-Apr-2020 Climate Bonds Launches Vietnam Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Report / Climate Bonds công bố Báo cáo Cơ hội Đầu tư vào Cơ sở hạ tầng xanh Việt Nam
29-Apr-2020 Climate Bonds Releases Draft Shipping Criteria for Public Consultation: New science-based assessment process on low carbon & climate credentials of ships
20-Apr-2020 Green Bond Treasurer Survey: Issuers identify multiple benefits from green bonds: Visibility, larger investment base, stakeholder engagement, catalysing new business
16-Apr-2020 Climate Bonds Initiative Launches ASEAN Green Finance Report 2019: Issuance of Green Debt doubles in Southeast Asia during 2019 with increasing diversity
23-Mar-2020 Climate Bonds Standard Board Approved Pre-Issuance Certification of TRIO Investment Green Bond
19-Mar-2020 BCEE Asset Management S.A. becomes a Climate Bonds Partner
09-Mar-2020 Climate Bonds Welcomes Final EU Taxonomy Report: Opens new investment & economic opportunities says Sean Kidney
02-Mar-2020 Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Joins Climate Bonds Partners Programme
02-Mar-2020 中国平安资产管理 (香港) 有限公司加入气候债券倡议组织的合作伙伴计划
17-Feb-2020 Recibe FIRA la primera certificación del Climate Bonds Initiative a nivel internacional para emitir bonos verdes en el sector forestal
04-Feb-2020 SMBC Nikko Securities joins Climate Bonds Partners Programme
04-Feb-2020 Climate Bonds Partners Programme 加入のお知らせ
22-Jan-2020 EQA España se convierte en Verificador Aprobado bajo el Estándar de Bonos Climáticos
22-Jan-2020 EQA Spain becomes the first Spanish Approved Verifier under the Climate Bonds Standard
21-Jan-2020 Commerzbank joins the Climate Bonds Partner Programme
21-Jan-2020 Commerzbank wird Partner der Climate Bonds Initiative
16-Jan-2020 Green Bonds Reach Record $255bn for CY 2019 - New Milestone $350-400bn Climate Bonds initial forecast for 2020: $1trillion in annual green investment in sight for early 2020s

2019 Releases

12-Dec-2019 Climate Bonds launches Green Criteria for Waste Management Investment
11-Dec-2019 Climate Bonds Launches Version 3.0 of the international Climate Bonds Standard Universal compatibility for global green investment - Certification a label of trust in debt markets
05-Dec-2019 First USD 100bn Certified against the Climate Bonds Standard: A Global Milestone for Robust Green Investment Frameworks
26-Nov-2019 Brazil: Ecoagro announces issuance of the first Green CRA in the world to be Certified under Bioenergy Criteria of the Climate Bonds Standard
26-Nov-2019 GGGI and Climate Bonds Initiative Join Forces to Mobilize Capital Market for Climate Actions
26-Nov-2019 Tendências globais em Finanças Verdes e Infraestrutura Sustentável são tema de evento em Brasília
22-Nov-2019 Climate Bonds Initiative e Ministério da Agricultura assinam memorando de entendimento para promover crescimento do Agronegócio
22-Nov-2019 Climate Bonds Initiative and Brazil Ministry of Agriculture sign Memorandum of Understanding to foster growth in sustainable Agribusiness financing
15-Nov-2019 The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) issues its first global Green Bond
15-Nov-2019 Climate Bonds Launches Brazil (GIIO) Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Report
14-Nov-2019 Infraestrutura Verde: Climate Bonds Initiative lança relatório com oportunidades de investimento em infraestrutura urbana no Brasil
13-Nov-2019 Green Bond European Investor Survey: Fixed Income Managers want corporate transition issuance: See impact, issuance and policy as drivers of market growth
24-Oct-2019 Bolsa de Valores de Panamá releases inaugural Guidelines for Social, Green, and Sustainable Bonds in Central America
22-Oct-2019 Green bond issuance tops $200bn milestone -New global record in green finance
16-Oct-2019 Greening the Financial System: Tilting the playing field: The role of central banks: New report from Climate Bonds
15-Oct-2019 Climate Bonds Releases Green Bond Pricing Report for Q1-Q2 2019 Spotlighting EUR utility bonds, pricing & performance
10-Oct-2019 Fossar Markets Becomes a Climate Bonds Partner
24-Sep-2019 Climate Bonds launches new Climate Resilience Principles for US market: Framework for accelerating climate resilient investments in green bond market
23-Sep-2019 Climate Bonds Initiative releases inaugural report focused on Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) market
19-Sep-2019 Pinsent Masons Joins Climate Bonds Partners Program
17-Sep-2019 Climate Bonds releases new Climate Resilience Principles Framework for accelerating climate resilient investments in green bond market
16-Sep-2019 Deloitte becomes first Approved Verifier in Italy Certification services expansion to support best practice as market grows
04-Sep-2019 Japan Credit Rating Agency gains Approved Verifier status for Climate Bonds Certification
30-Aug-2019 Climate Bonds Initiative Releases New Zealand Green Bonds and Infrastructure Report 2019
27-Aug-2019 Plano de Investimentos Verdes para Agricultura é pauta de reunião nesta terça-feira, 27, em São Paulo
27-Aug-2019 Investidores globais compartilham melhores práticas em mercado de finanças verdes
25-Aug-2019 Australia: Green finance wave needed to address carbon targets, climate impacts, brown to green transition: GIIO 2019 report backs accelerated green infrastructure investment through 2020s
08-Aug-2019 QIC Shopping Centre Green Bond Marks New Stage in Sustainable Investment by Australian REITs AUD300m Climate Bonds Certified issuance to fund capital expenditure at QIC GRE retail centres
09-Jul-2019 Launch of Standard Version 3.0 of Global Green Bond Certification Scheme: Major Upgrade to Overarching Guidance for Climate Bonds Certification: Compatibility with EU GBS, GBP and other Regional Guidelines
09-Jul-2019 Climate Bonds launches Germany Green Finance Report firms Germany's position in global top 5: EUR6.6bn issued in 2018: Strong start in 2019
09-Jul-2019 Climate Bonds Initiative stellt Green Finance Report für Deutschland vor Deutschland festigt seine Position in den Top 5 weltweit: 2018 Emissionen im Wert von 6,6 Mrd. Euro: guter Start ins Jahr 2019
25-Jun-2019 Green Issuance Surpasses $ 100 Billion mark for 2019: First time Milestone is Reached in First Half: TEG to Open New Pathways Towards First $1 trillion says Climate Bonds
19-Jun-2019 Technical Expert Group Releases Sustainable Finance EU Taxonomy for Feedback ‘Will Support Investment towards Paris Agreement Solutions,’ says Climate Bonds Initiative
28-May-2019 La Bolsa de Valores de Panamá se une al Programa de Socios de Climate Bonds
28-May-2019 Panama Stock Exchange joins Climate Bonds Partners Program
28-May-2019 Deloitte Germany Becomes Approved Verifier for Climate Bonds Standard
28-May-2019 Deloitte Deutschland erhält die Zulassung als Prüfer für den Climate Bonds Standard
22-May-2019 Recibe FIRA la primera certificación en México del Climate Bonds Initiative para que proyectos de agricultura protegida puedan emitir bonos verdes
22-May-2019 FIRA receives first Climate Bonds Certification to issue green bonds for protected agriculture projects in Mexico
09-May-2019 Climate Bonds Releases Latest Green Bond Pricing Report for Q3-Q4 2018
08-May-2019 香港特別行政區政府簽署了綠色債券宣言 成為亞洲區首個簽署單位
06-May-2019 HKSAR Government signs the Green Bond Pledge: First signatory from Asia
30-Apr-2019 Nedbank Limited issues first private sector Climate Bonds Certified green bond in South Africa
15-Mar-2019 OP Corporate Bank plc joins Climate Bonds Partners Program
14-Mar-2019 Aegon Asset Management Joins Climate Bonds Partners Program
13-Mar-2019 Fidelity International becomes latest Climate Bonds Partner
07-Mar-2019 Global Green Bond Partnership Convenes in London
06-Mar-2019 Joint CBI & Corporate Knights Release-New Study-Corporate green investment already vast, but needs to be accelerated
05-Mar-2019 Climate Bonds Announces 2019 Green Bond Pioneer Award Winners
01-Mar-2019 Trio of Tokyo Report Launches at Japan Green Bond Symposium
27-Feb-2019 中国绿色债券市场 2018: 气候债券倡议组织与中央结算公司联合发布第三份中国绿色债券市场年度报告
27-Feb-2019 China Green Bond Market 2018 Climate Bonds Initiative and CCDC jointly publish the third annual China Green Bond Market Report, supported by HSBC
27-Feb-2019 New report: 2018 Canadian green bond issuance reaches CAD5.5bn
25-Feb-2019 香港綠色債券市場 2018 (Hong Kong Green Bond Market Briefing 2018)
25-Feb-2019 Hong Kong Green Bond Market Briefing 2018
07-Feb-2019 Astana International Financial Centre Joins the Climate Bonds Partners Programme
06-Feb-2019 Carbonsink joins Climate Bonds Partners Programme
14-Jan-2019 Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program welcomes Natixis
10-Jan-2019 ISS erneut als Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme Verifier bestätigt
10-Jan-2019 ISS Reconfirmed as Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme Verifier

2018 Releases

03-Dec-2018 The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Nigeria launches Green Bond Rules
30-Nov-2018 Vetiva Capital Management Limited signs Partnership Agreement with Climate Bonds Initiative
26-Nov-2018 BAM - A big step for best practice in US green muni bond issuance
20-Nov-2018 ING Group issues largest green deal from a European Bank at EUR 2.6bn: Largest Climate Bonds Certified Deal to Date
09-Nov-2018 Global Launch of New Forestry Criteria- Boost for Green Bond Investment in Forestry
05-Nov-2018 Sustainable Agriculture in the Spotlight: New Report Reveals Brazil's Potential for Green Financing
31-Oct-2018 Climate Bonds Releases Latest Green Bonds Pricing Report for Q1-Q2 2018
30-Oct-2018 Southern Hemisphere Launch - Sydney- Climate Bonds Flagship State of the Market 2018 Report
10-Oct-2018 Together for climate protection: BayernLB signs partnership with the Climate Bonds Initiative
03-Oct-2018 Climate Bonds State of the Market Report Points to Huge India Green Growth Potential
30-Sep-2018 State of the Market 2018 Report Launch- Flagship green bond update shows huge potential for green finance
20-Sep-2018 Climate Bonds Initiative and HKU Business School signed MoU on Promoting Green Finance Education in Asia
20-Sep-2018 氣候債券倡議組織CBI與港大商學院簽署合作備忘錄 推動亞洲綠色金融教育
20-Sep-2018 气候债券倡议组织CBI与港大商学院签署合作备忘录 推动亚洲绿色金融教育
09-Sep-2018 Green Bond Pledge Foundation Signatories Announced on Eve of Global Climate Action Summit
06-Sep-2018 JOOL Markets becomes a Climate Bonds Partner
05-Sep-2018 Ashurst Joins Climate Bonds Partners Program
29-Aug-2018 Auckland Launch - Green Infrastructure Opportunities Australia & New Zealand
27-Aug-2018 Climate Bonds Launches Green Infrastructure Opportunities Australia and New Zealand
14-Aug-2018 UBS Becomes a Climate Bonds Partner
17-Jul-2018 SFPUC seeks to widen investor base with latest Wastewater Infrastructure Green Bonds
10-Jul-2018 Faro Energy emite primeiro título verde brasileiro para energia solar
10-Jul-2018 Faro Energy Issues Brazil’s First Certified Green Bond for Solar
22-Jun-2018 Borsa Italiana joins Climate Bonds Partners Programme
10-Jun-2018 SolTech Energy joins Climate Bonds Partners Programme
07-Jun-2018 Mizuho Securities Joins Climate Bonds Partners Programme
06-Jun-2018 Climate Bonds Partner Programme welcomes Societe Generale, the first French bank to become a Climate Bonds Partner
31-May-2018 Taipei Exchange (TPEx) has joined the Climate Bonds Partners Program
21-May-2018 Global Launch of New Climate-Based Water Resilience Criteria
09-May-2018 Climate Bonds Launches Indonesia Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Report
21-Mar-2018 Lyxor Asset Management joins Climate Bonds Partners Program
20-Mar-2018 New Green Bond Pledge Aimed at Cities, Government & Corporates
19-Mar-2018 Climate Bonds Announces 2018 Green Bond Pioneer Award Winners
18-Mar-2018 Global investment manager BNP Paribas Asset Management becomes a Climate Bonds Partner/ Le gestionnaire d’actifs mondial BNP Paribas Asset Management devient Climate Bonds Partner
18-Mar-2018 Climate Bonds Initiative publishes Korea Climate Bond Market Report
14-Mar-2018 ERM CVS becomes a Climate Bonds Approved Verifier
04-Mar-2018 Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: Climate Bonds Releases Third Report in Series
04-Mar-2018 KPMG Luxembourg becomes Approved Verifier of Climate Bonds Standard
20-Feb-2018 SIX Swiss Exchange joins Partners Program
14-Feb-2018 Climate Bonds & Handelsbanken launch The Green Bond Market in the Nordics report in Stockholm
07-Feb-2018 Climate Bonds launches first Nordic and Baltic Public Sector Green Bonds Study
30-Jan-2018 Record $11bn in Green Municipal Bonds in 2017 across the US
07-Jan-2018 Willis Towers Watson Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program

2017 Releases

18-Dec-2017 Nigeria First Nation to Issue a Climate Bonds Certified Sovereign Green Bond
05-Dec-2017 Indian Railways IRFC Launches Inaugural $500m Green Bond
30-Nov-2017 Climate Bonds Launches New China Report
29-Nov-2017 California Municipal Green Bond Issuance Passes $5 Billion
27-Nov-2017 SK Securities and the Climate Bonds Initiative Sign Memorandum ofUnderstanding to Promote Green Economy in Korea & Region
19-Nov-2017 GRI Club Joins Climate Bonds Partner Program
15-Nov-2017 2017 Green Bond Issuance Passes $100 Billion: New Global Green Finance Record Comes at Peak of COP23
15-Nov-2017 Obligations et Changements Climatiques: État du Marché Canadien 2017
30-Oct-2017 DTEK Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program
18-Oct-2017 Water Criteria Phase 2 Nature-based and Hybrid Water Infrastructure Opens for International Consultation
03-Oct-2017 Brazil Edition: Bonds & Climate Change: The State of the Market 2017 Report Launch
17-Sep-2017 Climate Bonds State of the Market 2017 Report
14-Aug-2017 Contact Energy in Large Scale Climate Bonds Certification First for Green Finance in New Zealand
03-Jul-2017 New EU Green Securities Steering Committee to Identify Climate Finance Opportunities Programme to Promote Green Securitisation, Green ABS & Green Covered Bonds in Europe
13-Jun-2017 Brazil Investor Statement on Green Bonds
24-May-2017 Deutsche Börse Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program
23-May-2017 S&P Global Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program
18-May-2017 Stock exchanges and green finance Briefing paper sets next stage for bourses to back green bond growth
26-Apr-2017 White & Case Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program
19-Apr-2017 Moody's Investors Service Joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program
13-Apr-2017 Investa Commercial Property Fund Closes A$100 Million Green Bond Issuance
17-Mar-2017 Deloitte France and Deloitte Luxembourg confirmed as Approved Verifiers to Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme
07-Feb-2017 Indian Green Bonds Market Development Council Meets in Mumbai Launches 2017 Programme
26-Jan-2017 Swedbank joins Climate Bonds Partners Program
25-Jan-2017 Climate Bonds Launches Waste Management Technical Working Group

2016 Releases