What We Do

Climate Bonds Initiative (Climate Bonds) is an international not-for-profit organisation working to mobilise global capital for climate action.

Climate Bonds has played a central role in transforming the green bond market from a niche concept to a mainstream source of capital for sustainable development, driving quality of issuance through the development of science-based green definitions in line with the Paris Agreement.

Climate Bonds was created with a vision to mobilise institutional investors to counter the short-termism and vested interests that infect politics and finance and undermine action on climate change. With a mission to mobilise global capital for climate action, Climate Bonds aims to educate, inspire, convene, and steer a global collaboration of institutional investors, governments, development banks and industry to shift capital toward low-carbon and resilient investments.

Green Finance Driving Sustainability

We are at the forefront of advances in sustainable finance, collaborating with numerous global stakeholders, including governments, investors, banks, and large companies.

We drive the market with:
  • The only certification scheme for sustainable debt globally under the Climate Bonds Standard
  • Provision to global fund managers and nearly all green bond indices of regular green bond data and market analysis
  • Advice on green capital markets development and advocating for ambitious changes in the financial industry.

Climate Bonds work streams span across sustainable debt standards and certification; market intelligence; policy analysis and advocacy; communications, events and media; campaigns; capacity building; investor engagement; technical assistance and taxonomy development


Global presence across multiple facets


Experience in international markets

Climate Bonds has implemented country-specific market development programmes to foster sustainable debt markets in China, India, Brazil, and other countries. We provide technical assistance and capacity building training in multiple markets, supporting public and private issuers to enter the market and establish initiatives that bring investors and issuers together to learn about opportunities for sustainable investment.

Governance and Leadership

Day-to-day decision-making is the responsibility of the CEO and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). 


The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the financial stability of the charitable company, and the overall performance of the charity.


Theory of Change

Strong state action is necessary to mobilise capital with the speed and scale that is needed to fund a rapid and just transition to a 1.5 degree-aligned and resilient global economy. Market forces alone are insufficient to meet the urgency for climate action. Accordingly, a constructive partnership between capital markets and governments, with a markedly different regulatory environment to support the required capital formation is essential. 

The green bond market has evidenced that if investors are offered credible green investments, they will invest – as evidenced by investor demand far outstripping supply of green bonds.

Simultaneously, there is an urgent need to shift policies, regulations, and incentives away from unsustainable activities and toward activities that are compatible with a 1.5-degree and resilient future.


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Climate bonds Credentials 
The Theory of Change Infographic

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