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Climate Bonds GSS+ Bonds Training

As the leading fixed-income debt instrument, green bonds have also paved the way for the appearance of other thematic-labelled bonds. New labels and formats contributing to long-term environmental and social projects have arisen to further expand the labelled bond market, which is a clear signal that issuers and investors are highly committed to a greener, fairer, and more sustainable world.

Cognizant of the rapid growth and relevance of the labelled bond market and bearing in mind the strong appetite for these innovative debt instruments, the Climate Bonds Initiative has structured a comprehensive course on green, social, sustainability, sustainability-linked and transition (GSS+ bonds) for a variety of professionals eager to acquire broad knowledge on these tools. Climate Bond Initiative’s GSS+ Bonds Training blends a set of elements and information which aim at providing an overview of thematic labelled bonds in a thorough and robust manner. 

  • Duration: Courses from 7.5 learning hours if delivered online via Zoom or Teams / 1 Full Day of Learning if delivered in-person, classroom style
  • Content: Theoretical material with the latest data and research, case studies, interactive Q&A, and exercises. Take away the material, a glossary, and a list of resources. 
  • Certification: Climate Bonds Completion Certificate & CPD Certificate
  • Translation: Available in multiple languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese; simultaneous interpretation services available.
  • Accreditation: Registered on the Climate Bonds Initiative Academy Database

Course Design and Content:

  • Structured theory, case studies, experience sharing, and practical exercises are combined to enhance the learning experience.
  • GSS+ Bonds Basics: current finance landscape, the universe of GSS+ bonds, their definitions, market evolution, types and benefits and GSS+ bonds' contribution to the global goals.
  • Setting the scene: market stakeholders and their roles, voluntary principles and existing standards, classification systems for assets and projects and the GSS+ bonds policy landscape.
  • Process for issuing a bond labelled green: pre-issuance (green bond framework and supporting mechanisms), issuance (book building, primary and secondary markets) and post-issuance (allocation of proceeds, reporting and audit)
  • GSS+ Bonds market development: status quo of the GSS+ bonds market, sovereign and sub-sovereign bonds (market evolution, benefits and impacts) and GSS+ bonds market trends.

Expected Outcomes:

The GSS+ Bonds Training objective is to provide an overall understanding of the role of thematic labelled bonds in shifting financial practices to more sustainable approaches while providing an overview of how these bonds impact the way the market perceives sustainability and what attracts investors and issuers to the GSS+ bonds market. Additionally, this training aims at discussing in detail the use-of-proceeds labelled bond issuance process and providing comprehensive information on the GSS+ bonds market’s size, key stakeholders, key investment themes, among other key elements.

Participants in the training program can expect to acquire solid knowledge and be able to respond to the following questions at the end of the sessions:

  • What are thematic labelled bonds their differences and similarities?
  • How has the labelled bond market evolved in the past years?
  • What are the common forms and benefits of thematic labelled bonds?
  • Who are the actors involved in the GSS+ issuance process, their roles, and responsibilities?
  • What is the market infrastructure supporting the issuance of GSS+ bonds (principles, standards, taxonomies, etc.)?
  • What are the key policy developments that can help scale up the market?
  • What are the requirements for use-of-proceeds labelled bond issuances (from inception to maturity)?
  • What are the contents and characteristics of a use-of-proceeds labelled bond framework?
  • What are the external review methodologies currently available in the market?
  • What is the process for Climate Bonds certification?
  • How did the GSS+ bond market start?
  • What has been the evolution of the GSS+ bond market?
  • What are sovereign and sub-sovereign GSS+ bonds?
  • What is the market’s forecast for the coming years?


Our event is a professional learning experience:

We are pleased to announce that our Climate Bonds' GSS+ Bonds Training has been independently evaluated for Continuing Professional Development purposes by The CPD Certification Service. Our training complies with universally accepted principles of Continual Professional Development (CPD) and has been structured to meet the criteria of personal development plans.


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