The Climate Bonds Initiative aims to catalyze the debt capital markets to support low-carbon and climate relevant industries growing at the maximum growth rates needed to avert catastrophic climate change. Rapid change at very large scale will depend on a close working relationship between government, finance and industry. 


  1. 101 Sustainable Finance Policies for 1.5°C
  2. Mobilising Global Debt Markets for a Just Transition: Grantham Research Institute and Climate Bonds Initiative collaboration to support the mobilisation of the labelled debt market for the just transition
  3. Greening the Financial System: Tilting the Playing Field: The Role of Central Banks
  4. Monthly report on green finance policies in China



The European Commission and European Central Bank announce landmark commitments on climate change and transition.

International Energy Agency has launched the Net Zero by 2050 Roadmap, calling for end to fossil fuel investments.




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Global and country level policy analysis is one of the key focus areas for Climate Bonds Initiative.


Our policy projects:

Regional policy projects
Thematic policy projects

The role of policymakers in scaling the green bonds market:

Market integrity: supporting standards
Strategic issuance: Cities, development banks, other public entities
Market development: Aggregation, securitization, covered bonds
Improving risk-return profile: Increasing returns or reducing risks
Tax incentives for issuers and investors
Boosting demand: Mandates for domestic funds, quantitative easing

The range of policies identified as supporting the growth of a green bonds market