Bureau Veritas Brazil Confirmed as Approved Verifier to the Climate Bonds Standard: Commitment to best practice as green finance market grows in Brazil


Bureau Veritas Brazil Confirmed as Approved Verifier to the Climate Bonds Standard

 Commitment to best practice as green finance market grows in Brazil 


London/São Paulo: 23/07/2020 09:00 BST: The Climate Bonds Standard Board has confirmed Bureau Veritas Brazil as an Approved Verifier under the Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme

Bureau Veritas Brazil is now part of a global team of 41 Approved Verifiers, who play a vital part in the Climate Bonds Certification providing assurance for investors around the climate and environmental features of green bonds, loans and other investments. 

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

As an Approved Verifier, Bureau Veritas Brazil will be assessing green bond project eligibility and compliance against the Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Marine Renewables, Bioenergy, Low Carbon Buildings & Forestry Criteria under the Climate Bonds Standard. 

To issue a Certified Climate Bond, an issuer simply has to get the bond reviewed by an approved 3rd party verifier. The verifier’s role is to ensure that the bond’s assets meet the Climate Bond Standard’s environmental,  financial and disclosure guidelines. 


José Cunha, Director of Certification, Bureau Veritas Brazil:

“The alert on climate change has been guiding government decisions around the world, aiming at the sustainable development of countries. The certification of Green Bonds is a big step towards the advancement of the low carbon economy in Brazil”

"Companies that adopt good environmental policies generate positive impacts throughout their business chain, thus improving their reputation, an important asset in a world guided by transparency.”


Sean Kidney, CEO Climate Bonds Initiative:

“Bureau Veritas Brazil are a welcome addition to our verifiers pool. The opportunity for green finance & sustainable investment growth in Brazil is immense. Qualified Verifiers as Bureau Veritas Brazil are integral to assurance processes, for investors looking to optimise their capital and issuers looking to maximise market opportunities. We look forward to their contribution towards supporting best practice and innovation as the market grows in Brazil.”


Media Contacts: 

Mariana Caminha  (Brazil) 

LATAM Communications Manager

Climate Bonds Initiative

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Leena Fatin (London) 

Senior Communications & Media Officer

Climate Bonds Initiative, 

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Notes for journalists:

About Bureau Veritas Group: With global revenue of 4.6 billion euros, Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries, serving 400,000 customers with its five business divisions: Maritime & Offshore, Agribusiness & Commodities, Industry, Construction & Infrastructure and Power & Utilities. 

With more than 5,000 employees in Brazil, the company offers its complete portfolio of services, guaranteeing compliance, controlling supply chains, anticipating trends, reducing risks, increasing efficiency and taking care of the reputation of its customers. More information at www.bureauveritas.com.br.


About Climate Bonds Initiative: The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit, promoting large-scale investment in the low-carbon economy. For more information, please visit www.climatebonds.net or visit our TwitterLinkedInInstagram & Facebook.


About Climate Bonds Standard: It is an overarching science-based, multi-sector standard overseen by the Climate Bonds Standards Board that allows investors and intermediaries to easily assess the climate credentials and environmental integrity of bonds and other green debt products.

Launched in 2011, with periodic updates, the Climate Bonds Standard is the most detailed climate aligned investment criteria available in the market and provides guidance to issuers, investors, governments and regulators.


About Approved Verifiers: Under the Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme, an Approved Verifier will check a bond Issuer's upcoming bond against the Standard and sector based technical criteria for compliance. If the bond complies with the Standard and Criteria, the Verifier will write a report to verify that the bond can be marketed to investors as a Certified Climate Bond.





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