Lyxor Asset Management joins Climate Bonds Partners Program


Provider of green bond ETFs to work with Climate Bonds on further building French climate finance leadership


LONDON/PARIS 22/03/2018 12:00 GMT: Lyxor Asset Management – a subsidiary of Societe Generale - with EUR139 billion of assets under management and advisory - is the latest institutional investor to become a Climate Bonds Partner.

Thanks to its strong culture of innovation, Lyxor Asset Management is helping clients to address the challenge of climate transition with a range of active and passive solutions aimed at meeting the growing demand for responsible investments. In joining CBI’s Partners Programme, Lyxor is demonstrating its determination tocontribute to low carbon investment. As a first step in that direction, Lyxor and CBI will unveil a deep-dive report into the French green bonds market in the coming weeks.

A pioneer of ETFs in Europe, Lyxor provides ETFs aligned to four of the UN’sSustainable Development Goals (Water, Clean Energy, Climate Action & GenderEquality). It broke new ground with the launch of the world’s first ever Green Bond ETFlast year, which captures the performance and positive impact of green bond projects. Lyxor has also designed proprietary ESG and climate indicators to help investors address climate issues in their portfolios.


Arnaud LLinas, Head of ETF & Indexing, Lyxor Asset Management:

”Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, which is why investorsare increasingly placing it at the top of their agenda. However, assessing the true green credentials of an investment can be hard. The framework created by the Climate Bonds Initiative for labelling Green Bonds makes it much easier for investors. We hope that our product plans, and our collaborations with key bodies like CBI can really help investors embrace ESG, and make a positive difference to society and the environment.”


Manuel Adamini, Director Investor Outreach & Partners Programme, Climate Bonds Initiative:

“France is a booming green bonds market (reaching the 3rd largest issuer spot in 2017) and has displayed great political leadership for climate finance ever since COP21 in Paris.

“Lyxor AM, as part of the Société Générale group, is a powerful French brand to communicate that leadership into the financial sector globally. We are delighted to note that Lyxor AM offers an ETF green bond fund, providing a solution to those investors that prefer a passive investment style, and hence adding to market breadth.”

* Including EUR20.2bn assets under advisory. Equivalent of USD172.8bn in assets under management and advisory (including USD25.1bn assets under advisory) at the end of January 2018




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Climate Bonds Partners Program: Banks, institutional investors, private and non- governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments are eligible to join as Climate Bond Partners to help grow a market of green and climate bonds. Partners support investor and stakeholder outreach and education projects centred on growing robust and sustainable green bond markets that contribute to climate action and low carbon investment. Partners assist in developing initiatives to grow investment in climate finance solutions, participate in different market development committees & help define policy agendas for sector, country & sub-national green bond development programs. A list of Partners is available here.

Lyxor Asset Management Group ("le groupe Lyxor "), détenu à 100% directement ou indirectement par Société Générale et composé notamment de deux filiales (1) (2),est un spécialiste européen de la gestion d’actifs, expert dans tous les styles d’investissement, actif, passif, alternatif. Des ETF à la multi-gestion, avec 138,7milliards d’euros* en gestion et en conseil, le groupe Lyxor crée des solutions d’investissement innovantes pour répondre aux enjeux de long terme de la gestion de l’épargne. Grâce à ses experts, à sa tradition d’ingénierie et de recherche, le groupe Lyxor combine quête de performance et gestion du risque.





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