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  • Climate Bonds Taxonomy: A guide for issuers, investors, governments and municipalities to help them understand what the key investments are that will deliver a low carbon economy. The Taxonomy adopts a traffic light system to indicate whether identified assets and projects are considered to be automatically compatible with a 2-degree decarbonisation trajectory, need further analysis, or are automatically incompatible.


  • Selected recent reports can be found here.


  • Bond analysis
    • Quarterly and annual green bond market updates - global and for China - can be accessed here.
    • Market Blogs provided analysis about various bonds issued globally, you can find the archive here.


  • Other information
    • Explaining green bonds - Green Bonds are standard bonds with proceeds going to green and climate-related assets, projects and activities
    • External Review - Bonds can be qualified as green by an independent reviewer, with Second Party Opinion (SPO) being the most common type
    • Green bond segments on stock exchangesDedicated green, social and sustainability bond lists have been crucial in showcasing green bonds
    • Investor appetite - Huge demand for green bonds with most of the issuances oversubscribed
    • Best practice – Voluntary green market guidelines and growing need for universal green definitions