Climate Bonds’ Global CONNECT 2023 Conference Unites Market and Policy Leaders to Catalyse Climate Transition


Climate Bonds’ Global CONNECT 2023 Conference Unites Market and Policy Leaders to Catalyse Climate Transition  

LONDON 09/11/2023 08:00GMT: Today, Climate Bonds' 8th annual Global Conference arrives in London and is streamed online to over 1700 registrants from 111 countries. With the theme 'Ready, Set, Transition', the event delves into engaging discussions focused on facilitating a credible brown to green global transition.  

The flagship event arrives with a host of announcements and launches to inspire change and propel us towards a greener future. Climate Bonds believes its mission to spur global capital for climate action is one that necessitates the committed endeavours of industry, market, and policy leaders; progress to date has already yielded a host of green policy developments worldwide and amassed over $4 trillion in green, social, sustainability, sustainability-linked and transition (GSS+) debt issuance. 

Registrants from over 822 organisations are joining us to push ahead in this mission. Media personnel can contact Liam Jones at the address below to secure an in-person press pass.  

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative:  

"We stand at a critical juncture in our battle against climate change. The financial markets hold immense power to drive a transition towards a greener future. By reaching annual issuance of $5 trillion dollars in green bonds, we can empower sustainable initiatives that combat climate change, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for generations to come.”  

“Our event is more than an opportunity; it is a call to action for the financial sector. Together, we can prove that profits and purpose are not mutually exclusive. We're here to inspire, innovate, and ignite change – a green financial revolution." 

To be highlighted at the event:

Pioneering Climate Screened Sustainability-Linked Bond Data 

Sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) attracted a great deal of interest in recent years, boasting an innovative structure linking a company's financing to its climate performance. However, as soon as SLBs were on the rise, so were questions about the robustness of their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that guide their climate objectives. Climate Bonds has developed a SLB Methodology to screen the climate ambition of these instruments and will be releasing the dataset from the screening of the global SLB market as a commercial product to guide investors and other market actors as to the strength of individual issuances.  Check here.

Investment Opportunities in Agri-food Sector in Brazil 

A new report offers valuable insights into sustainable investment prospects in the Brazil’s agri-food sector, and focuses on the agriculture industry, presents a comprehensive framework and case studies to help investors navigate the transition towards a net-zero, climate-resilient future while addressing the critical issues of climate change and biodiversity loss. 

Empowering the Energy Transition — Electric Utilities criteria available for public consultation 

The energy transition underlies the entire global transition. Without accessible, affordable, and renewable energy, it will be very difficult for other sectors of the economy to transition to net zero. Climate Bonds’ new Electric Utilities criteria, which will be made available for public consultation at Climate Bonds CONNECT 2023, will help investors identify and support credible efforts to build and modernise electric utilities around the world. These criteria complement the existing guidelines for investments in grids and renewable energy systems. Starting January 2024 the public consultation will be open. Learn more here.



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About the Climate Bonds Initiative 

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About Climate Bonds CONNECT 2023  

The Climate Bonds CONNECT 2023 series includes 4 leading climate finance events across the globe, led by the Climate Bonds Initiative. Hong Kong, Bogota, and New York have hosted regional focused events already this year, and the series concludes with the Global edition in London. Media can 

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