Brazil: Ecoagro announces issuance of the first Green CRA in the world to be Certified under Bioenergy Criteria of the Climate Bonds Standard


Brazil: Ecoagro announces issuance of the first Green CRA in the world to be Certified under Bioenergy Criteria of the Climate Bonds Standard

Proceeds coming from the $50 million Green CRA will finance the production of Colorado Plant Biofuels and Bioenergy


SAO PAULO, LONDON 26/11/2019: The Ecoagro Group has announced the issuance of the first green CRA in the world to be certified under the Bioenergy criteria of the Climate Bonds Standard. The Agribusiness Receivables Certificate (CRA) is an asset based security backed by agribusiness credit rights.


The issuance will be initially from $50 million (R$ 200 million), with a term of five years and paid by the accumulated variation of the DI rate plus the surcharge of up to 1.35% per year, to be defined in the book-building process. 


The proceeds will be used to finance the increased efficiency of ethanol production and maintenance of a cogeneration plant with the consequent generation of electricity from

Colorado Sugarcane bagasse.


The green issuance was evaluated by Sitawi, audited by Vigeo Eiris, and Certificated according to the Climate BondStandard & Certification Scheme


Justine Leigh-Bell, Deputy CEO Climate Bonds Initiative

“The use of the international Climate Bonds Initiative Standard related to bioenergy and biofuel inaugurates a new phase for the green finance market in Brazil. We know that bioenergy brings essential mitigation technology, and Brazil has invaluable potential in this area. "


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