The Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme is a labelling scheme for Entities, Assets and Debt Instruments. Rigorous scientific criteria ensure that Certified investments in climate mitigation are consistent with the 1.5owarming limit in the Paris Agreement. The Scheme is used globally by bond issuers, governments, investors and the financial markets to prioritise investments which genuinely contribute to addressing climate change.

Geothermal Energy

Status: The Geothermal Criteria is available for use in certifications. Get in contact with sends e-mail) to start the certification process of your Geothermal green bond. 

Geothermal Energy Criteria and Background paper 
2.  Geothermal energy Criteria brochure
3.Climate Bonds Standard 

Jan 2015: Technical Working Group established
Oct 2015: Released for public consultation
Dec 2015: Public consultation closes
Feb 2016: Available for certification




To see the whole list of Geothermal Climate Bonds, visit our  Database of Certified Bonds


Bonds and loans linked to these eligible assets and projects will be aligned with the Paris Agreement 1.5oC limit.

Eligible assets

1. Geothermal electricity generation facilities with direct emissions of less than 100gCO2/kWh

2. Geothermal projects with mitigation technologies that will render the non-condensable gas releases to the atmosphere negligible

3. Geothermal projects that have been reviewed and registered under the Clean Development Mechanism


The Criteria was developed by the following Technical Working Group



Geothermal Expert Advisory Committee - provided input as technical advisors, however they do not formally endorse the criteria that have been developed


Disclaimer: The Climate Bonds Standard Board operates legally as an advisory committee of the Climate Bonds Initiative Board and oversees the development of the Climate Bonds Standard. Neither the Climate Bonds Standard Board nor any organisation, individual or other person forming part of, or representing, the Climate Bonds Standard Board (together, "CBSB") accepts or owes any duty, liability or responsibility of any kind whatsoever to any issuer which wishes to apply for any of its bonds to be certified under the Climate Bonds Certification Scheme ("Scheme"), or to any issuer whose bonds may at any time be certified under the Scheme or to any other person or body whatsoever, whether with respect to the award or withdrawal of any certification under the Scheme or otherwise. All advice or recommendations with respect to any certification under the Scheme or otherwise that CBSB provides to the Climate Bonds Initiative Board is provided to it in an advisory capacity only and is not to be treated as provided or offered to any other person.