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Certified Climate Bonds in China


Thursday 28 May 2020

Since entering the green bond market in 2016, China has been the world's second largest green bond market for the next three years and one of the largest sources of global certified climate bonds. In 2019, Chinese issuers issued a total of USD2.9 billion worth of Certified Climate Bonds, and the green bonds have become an important part of China's green financial system construction and constantly contribute to the dynamic of green economy.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 would have a huge impact on global financial markets and economic development and countries have issued large-scaled economic stimulus packages to explore various possibilities for economy to get back on track. We believe that economic stimulus packages should balance economic growth with social benefits, ensuring that sectors and businesses hardest hit by the pandemic are tilted with resources to increase the resilience and sustainability of economic development, and that the development of green bonds and certified climate bonds will be important pillars of the transition.

In the post-pandemic era, opportunities for green bond issuance at the local level in China should be proactively identified and expand the scale of certified climate bonds, which stand for the international best practice to drive the transition of the Chinese economy to a more resilient and sustainable growth approach in the 14th Five-Year Plan period.


  1. How Huatai Securities implements the path of green finance and green bonds
  2. Overview of domestic green bond certification     
  3. Development of green bond and certified climate bonds
  4. Jiangsu Leasing--Exploration and Experience Sharing in the Green Field              


  • RAN Yi, Vice President of Bonds Business Unit, Huatai Securities
  • LIU Xianyun, Vice President, China Chengxin Green Finance
  • ZHENG Zhiwei, Manager of Financial Institution, Jiangsu Financial Leasing
  • SHAO Huan, China Program Manager, Climate Bonds Initiative