Transition flow for activities

Transition flow for activities




Latest Webinar, 30th Nov: Building a market for green transitions

Event speakers: Adam Matthews, Church of England Pensions Board; Anna Creed, Climate Bonds; Marissa Drew, Credit Suisse; Stephen Liberatore, Nuveen & Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds.

Conference 2020 Session, 8th Sep: 
A Path Forward For Transition Finance
Marisa Drew, Credit Suisse & Sean Kidney, from Climate Bonds were hosted by Bloomberg television's Francine Lacqua on the launch session of the new transition framework during the Conference 2020.




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For some high-emitting activities, low/ zero-emissions solutions are available - transition should be towards those solutions. For others, there are no such solutions but substitute low-emission activities exist and so the transition should be towards better alternatives. The nature of transition differs depending on the need and potential to decarbonise them. How do you know if a transition label is applicable to an activity? They can use the flow chart below.