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There are many ways you can get involved with the work that we are doing…

Partner advantages: 
1. Regular market reports, including latest bonds, underwriter details, pricing and new investment areas.      
2. Tailored corporate briefings on bonds and climate change. 
3. Opportunities to connect with issuers, banks, investors, and other Climate Bonds Partners. 
4. Help and advice for your team to make the most of opportunities with Green & Climate Bonds.
5. Organizational visibility: use the Climate Bonds logo and be acknowledged in Climate Bonds information.

USD 7,500 / EUR 6,500 / GBP 5,500 / CNY 50,000 / INR 500,000 p.a. 
Tax deductible in the UK

Why? Certifying your bond will get fast track attention from investors. CBI certification provides greater certainty for investors about the climate benefit of their investments which is especially valuable in controversial areas like bioenergy and energy efficiency. With greater certainty and clarity, investors can spend less of their valuable time on due diligence that would be required for bonds without certification. See more about certification, its benefits and how to get certified on our certification page or contact us.

Why? One piece of feedback we often get from potential climate bond issuers is that they are unsure if there is enough demand in the market for these products. Our conversations with investors, however, suggest that there is demand for product. Investors can show potential issuers that there is demand by publicly stating their view that climate bonds are a good idea and, if returns are comparable, that they would explore them as investment opportunities. This will create a demand signal to potential issuers that there is demand for product.