Climate Bonds Certification

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Certification under the Climate Bonds Standard is currently available for Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Low Carbon Transport & Low Carbon Building projects & assets. Eligibility criteria for futher investment areas are being developed and will be published as they are approved by the Climate Bonds Standard Board. Please contact for further information.



Bonds which are verified to conform with the Climate Bonds Standard are Certified Climate Bonds, a mark that assures their contribution to the delivery of a low carbon economy. In order to receive the Climate Bonds Certified stamp of approval a prospective issuer must appoint an approved 3rd party verifier, who will supply an assurance report that the bond meets the Climate Bonds Standard’s environmental requirements. The Climate Bonds Standards Board provides the final confirmation of all Climate Bond Certifications.

The Climate Bond Standard allows Certification of a bond prior to its issuance, enabling the issuer to use the Climate Bond Certification Mark in the bond marketing efforts and investor roadshows. After the bond has been issued and allocation of the bond proceeds has begun, the issuer must follow through with confirming the Certification of the bond by obtaining an assurance report and providing that to the Climate Bond Standards Board.


Climate Bonds can be issued by a variety of different organisations seeking to finance or re-finance low-carbon developments. The focus for Climate Bond Certification is the portfolio or Low Carbon projects & assets being financed by the Climate Bond, rather than the entity which is issuing it, such as:

  • Project developers
  • Utilities
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Banks
  • Aggregators

Further guidance for prospective issuers of Climate Bonds will be provided in the Guidance for Issuers document, soon to be released.  

If you are interested in having a bond certified as a Climate Bond or would like more detail on the steps involved, please contacts us at