Academic Research Centre


Academic Research Centre Overview

The Climate Bonds Initiative is committed to all of our research and work on debt capital markets and climate change solutions being an accessible common good.

Here we organise our reports and materials for academic use. For academic partnership and queries, please contact Aneil Tripathy, our Academic Research Coordinating Consultant, at Please submit green bond data requests here.


Research Materials

Climate Bonds Initiative: Introduction to the work we do in setting standards, policy and advocacy, and providing market intelligence.

Reports: Here are all Climate Bonds white papers, pricing research, and policy reports. Suggested citations are available on each report homepage. We are currently updating our citations so for any citation queries contact us at

Explaining Green Bonds: The basics of green bonds and the market.

Types of Debt Instruments: Debt instruments that can be certified under the Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme.

Academic Publications by Climate Bonds Affiliates

Partridge, Candace and Francesa Medda. 2020. "The evolution of pricing performance of green municipal bonds." Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment 10 (1): 44-65.

Silver, Nick. 2017. Finance, Society and Sustainability: How to make the Financial System Work for the Economy, People and Planet. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Tripathy, Aneil. 2017. "Translating to Risk: The Legibility of Climate Change and Nature in the Green Bond Market. Economic Anthropology 4(2): 239-250.

Green Bond Pricing Research

We have been conducting pricing research since 2017. Find our first published findings below and subsequent pricing research under our reports tab.

Harrison, Caroline. 2017. "Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: Jan/2016 - March/2017." Climate Bonds Initiative and IFC. 

Green Bond Market Participants Surveys

Almeida et al. 2019. "Green Bond European Investor Survey 2019." Climate Bonds Initiative.

Climate Bonds Initiative Introductory and Historical Documents

Executive Summary (2009)

Climate Bonds Initiative - background and mission (2009)

Climate Bonds - the investment case (2011)