Transition Policy

Transition Policy


The green transition will drive economic growth, energy independence, and job creation, while reducing the risk of climate-related disruptions.

The challenge to transition to 1.5°C presents a political opportunity to transform both the real and financial economy towards a sustainable future, unlocking technological, industrial, and economic benefits.


Accelerated policy support is critical for transition of hard-to-abate sectors


Climate Bonds has focused on providing guidance for policymakers for the hard-to-abate sectors: 

Fossil Gas is not a transition fuel.

Investment in gas is a threat to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. Fossil gas's climate impact has led to growing awareness of the need to rapidly transition away from this highly carbon-intensive energy source.

Evidence suggests that expected GHG emissions savings from using fossil gas instead of coal have been exaggerated. Such claims have been based solely on a plant-by-plant comparison between coal and gas-fired power; ignoring the supply chain. Fossil Gas leakage at the wellhead and through equipment along the transportation route are significant and for accounting these . While the percentage is a small number, because fossil gas is mostly methane, even small leakages have a significant impact on the climate.

Climate Bonds examines the policies required to accelerate the transition away from fossil gas in the 'Accelerating the Fossil Gas Transition to Net Zero' Paper.

Steel sector transition hinges on supportive policy.

Green Future for Steel

To meet the 2020s opportunity for EU steel industry, this paper provides analysis of the climate impact of the steel sector and sets out key EU policy recommendations to accelerate its transition into the green economy.

The global steel sector has reached a fork in the road.

This policy paper included in Climate Bonds Steel Packageprovides guidance to policymakers and regulators about how to guide industry and investors onto a climate-aligned pathway for steel.