OP Corporate Bank plc joins Climate Bonds Partners Program


OP Corporate Bank plc joins Climate Bonds Partners Program


HELSINKI/LONDON 15/03/2019: Finnish based OP Corporate Bank plc is the latest financial leader to become a Climate Bonds Partner. A wholly owned subsidiary of OP Cooperative, OP Corporate Bank plc forms together with other Member Credit Institutions, one of the largest financial group in Finland; OP Financial Group.

Climate Bonds Partner Programme gathers members of the global financial sector – including investors, banks, issuers, service providers as well as governments and related institutions – to promote the development of green bond standards and leverage the USD100 trillion bond market to deliver the transition to a low carbon economy.

OP Financial Group has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Since 2011 the Group has reported in accordance with GRI Guidelines, joined the Climate Action 100+ in 2017 and has commenced an active ESG program and shareholder engagement process including climate and sustainability issues with companies where the Group holds an investment.


Katja Keitaanniemi, President and CEO of OP Corporate Bank:

“The Climate Bonds Initiative has shown strong commitment to the green bond market and keeps on working hard to ensure it will continue to develop. We are happy and proud to announce our partnership with CBI as it will provide OP with valuable tools and support to develop the Finnish green bond market going forward.”


Serena Vento, Head of Partnerships & Commercial Relationships, Climate Bonds Initiative:

“Finland’s strong climate action has been strongly supported by public and private sector organisations, helping establish the country as a sustainability and climate action leader. OP Financial Group is continuing this leadership in becoming the first Finish partner to our growing network. Together we are looking to expand green finance, climate investment and the local green bond market.”




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Notes for journalists

About the Climate Bonds Initiative: CBI is an international investor-focused not-for-profit organisation working to mobilise the USD100tn bond market for climate change solutions. The Climate Bonds Initiative carries out market analysis, policy research, market development; advises governments and regulators; and administers a global green bond Certification Scheme. For more information, please visit www.climatebonds.net.

Climate Bonds Partners Programme: Partners support investor and stakeholder outreach and education projects centred on growing robust and­­­ sustainable green bond markets that contribute to climate action and low carbon investment. Partners assist in developing initiatives to grow investment in climate finance solutions, participate in different market development committees & help define policy agendas for sector, country & sub-national green bond development programs. A list of Partners is available here.

About OP Financial Group: OP Financial Group is Finland's largest financial services group whose mission is to create sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing for its owner-customers and in its operating region by means of its strong capital base and efficiency. OP Financial Group consists of 156 member cooperative banks, its central cooperative OP Cooperative, and the latter's subsidiaries and affiliates. The Group has a staff of 12,000 and 1.9 million owner-customers. For more information, please visit www.op.fi.




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