The Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme is a labelling scheme for bonds and loans. Rigorous scientific criteria ensure that bonds and loans with Certification, are consistent with the 1.5owarming limit in the Paris Agreement. The Scheme is used globally by bond issuers, governments, investors and the financial markets to prioritise investments which genuinely contribute to addressing climate change.

Crop and Livestock

Crop and Livestock - Agriculture Criteria 3.0 - Coming Soon!

Status: Development of version 3.0 of the Agriculture Criteria has begun! This will expand the scope of the criteria beyond just green bonds to include certification of entities and Sustainability Linked Bonds (SLBs) covering Crops & Livestock and Commodity Supply Chains. 

If you have technical or industry expertise in the sector and would like to collaborate in this work, reach out at


The Agriculture Criteria are already available for use in certifications. Bonds and loans linked to eligible assets and projects will be aligned with the Paris Agreement 1.5oC limit. Get in contact with sends e-mail) to start the certification process for your agriculture green bond.