ISS Corporate Solutions to be First Approved Verifier for Green Company Certification



ISS Corporate Solutions to be First Approved Verifier for Green Company Certification 


London, 16/08/2023,16:00 GMT+1: ISS Corporate Solutions (ICS), a leading provider of compensation, governance, cyber risk monitoring, and sustainability offerings to help companies improve shareholder value and reduce risk, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first-ever Approved Verifier to provide Entity Level Verification and Sustainability Linked Debt certifications for Corporates seeking Certified Green Entity status under the established Climate Bonds Standard or seeking certification of their general purpose debt. This marks a major step forward services in sustainable finance, allowing Companies to legitimise their green entity status under the rigorous Climate Bonds Standard.

Under the Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme, ICS will play a pivotal role in assessing and verifying corporates' alignment with the science-based criteria set forth by the Climate Bonds Standard. This new certification offering allows Corporates providing goods and services in the real economy to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and contribute to a low-carbon future.

To attain Certified Green Entity status, corporates must showcase alignment with 1.5-degree pathways or demonstrate their plan to achieve alignment by 2030. This certification opportunity is open to all corporates, whether their emissions are already near-zero or require further progress. The key requirement is the establishment of Ambitious Performance Targets and Credible Transition Plans, ensuring that the corporates are actively engaged in an ambitious and credible transition towards a sustainable future.

ICS’ appointment as the first Approved Verifier for Entity Level Certification reflects their extensive expertise and competence across all the aspects of the Climate Bonds Standard. These include good knowledge of the debt capital markets, an understanding of the technical characteristics of low-carbon projects and assets, and experience in the provision of assurance services and in the evaluation of performance targets, business models, governance  and transition plans.

"A significant milestone that allows for third-party assessment of companies to become Certified Green Entities,” said Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative. "The Climate Bonds framework for Entity Level and Sustainability-Linked instrument certification signals to investors the green and transition alignment not just of the debt issued by these entities, but of their range of activities. This significant advancement brings transparency to the financial market and reinforces the importance of credible, science-based green investments. By enabling corporates to become Certified Green Entities, we extend the benefits beyond the debt market, creating opportunities for sustainability and responsible investment practices extend beyond the fixed income markets to the equity market."

“ISS Corporate Solutions is proud to be recognized as the first Approved Verifier for Entity Level Verification and Sustainability Linked Debt certifications for Corporates under the Climate Bonds Standard,” said Federico Pezzolato, Global Business Manager, Sustainable Finance at ICS. “Climate Bonds Initiaitive is a recognized thought leader in the sustainable finance space, and the update of their Standard to reflect the most recent market innovations is a testament to their commitment. As a leading SPO provider with significant experience with hard-to-abate and transitioning sectors, ICS contributed to the development of the new methodology with our feedback during the stakeholder engagement process, and we are confident that the Standard represents another best-in-class benchmark for the market.”

The Climate Bonds Initiative, through ICS’ participation as the pioneer Approved Verifier, aims to accelerate the adoption of green finance and foster science-based standards and best practices worldwide. As investors increasingly commit capital to green finance, ICS’ global presence and reputation, , will play a crucial role in promoting the growth of the green market while upholding rigorous verification standards.

The appointment of ICS as the first Approved Verifier for Entity Level Certification signifies a significant milestone in the sustainable finance landscape. By providing a robust and credible verification process, ICS is driving the transition to a low-carbon, resilient, and resource-efficient economy while ensuring transparency and accountability in the green finance market.



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