Sean Kidney

Sean Kidney 

Co-founder and CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

Sean Kidney is the CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative, an international NGO working to mobilise debt capital markets for climate solutions. Projects include a green bond definitions and certification scheme with $34 trillion of assets represented on its Board and some 50 organisations involved in its development and governance; advising the EU; and working with China's central bank on how to grow green bonds in China. Sean is also Consultant (Green Bonds) to the United Nations Secretary General.

An accomplished international speaker, Sean has over the past year spoken at conferences and seminars in Toronto, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Paris, Frankfurt, Utrecht, London, Casablanca, Doha, Beijing, Hong Kong and Sydney.

He is also a member of German International Aid Ministry’s TRANSfer Expert Group on “Using Climate Financing to Leverage Sustainable Transport; Mercer’s Sustainability Opportunities Fund Advisory Panel; The Canadian Corporate Knights Capital Advisory Council; Carbon War Room’s Building Efficiency Advisory Board; The Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport’s (SloCAT) Financing Framework.

He was a member of the 2013 Commonwealth Secretariat’s Expert Committee on Climate Finance. 

Sean was previously an award-winning marketing advisor to a number of the largest Australian pension funds and a social marketer and publisher.

Sean has four daughters and lives in London with his partner.

Examples of past speaking engagements:

Publications by Sean

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