The Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme is a labelling scheme for bonds, loans & other debt instruments. Rigorous scientific criteria ensure that it is consistent with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. The Scheme is used globally by bond issuers, governments, investors and the financial markets to prioritise investments which genuinely contribute to addressing climate change.


Certification Sector Briefings

Sector Criteria Briefings


Status: The Sector Briefings aim to address one of the challenges mapped by the Climate Bonds Initiative in Brazil: the need for more significant guidance and technical assistance for issuers to come to the market with credible deals. The first one released is the Climate Bonds Agriculture Criteria and following soon is Transport, Livestock, Forestry, Bioenergy and Solar Energy.


The Sector Briefings provide guidance on how to issue green bonds for six relevant sectors: Agriculture, Transport, Livestock, Forestry, Bioenergy, and Solar Energy.

To support the understanding of those Briefings, a series of videocasts was recorded in Sao Paulo with key-guest speakers from the relevant sectors to share their case studies and what they learned with the Certification process. While a substantial part of market education work revolves around the land use criteria and requirements, Climate Bonds identified the need for improving the understanding of Brazilian issuers on the Climate Bonds Standards and Certification Scheme, particularly the applicability of sector criteria in the local market. 

Below you can download the Briefings in English or Portuguese and access the videocasts/podcasts.