Built Environment

As we navigate the critical path towards a sustainable cities, the transformation of the built environment stands as a cornerstone of our efforts. The built environment is undergoing a crucial shift towards sustainability. Clear definitions of green activities and investments facilitate issuers and market screening across green, social, sustainability, and sustainability-linked labels (GSS+). This structured approach supports the raising of capital for decarbonisation in key sectors. With energy use accounting for over 70% of greenhouse gas emissions—industry contributing 24.2%, transport 16.2%, and buildings 17.5% (Ritchie, 2020)—targeted green investments in these areas are essential for achieving our climate goals.

The Climate Bonds Initiative will continue to develop robust Sector Criteria that guide investments in buildings, transport, waste, and water management. These criteria are designed to ensure that financial flows are directed towards projects and assets that contribute significantly to the decarbonisation of our urban landscapes: