AIIB-Amundi Climate Change Investment Framework

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) - Amundi Climate Change Investment Framework (CCIF), a tool for investors to assess investments at the issuer-level based on climate change-related financial risks and opportunities. The CCIF focuses on translating the objectives of the Paris Agreement into fundamental metrics that investors can use to evaluate progress in achieving climate change mitigation, adaptation, and low-carbon transition objectives.

In this latest report, Companies and Climate ChangeFitch Solutions, The Carbon Trust, and the Climate Bonds Initiative present their research findings after applying the CCIF to various sectors, companies, and debt issuers.

The research covered companies operating within major infrastructure sectors such as energy, water, sustainable cities, transport, and digital infrastructure, which were domiciled in AIIB Members, predominantly in emerging market (EM) Asia.

This report offers an overview of the market, providing valuable insights into the progress made by these companies in achieving the Paris Agreement objectives.


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Launched during the ClimateBondsCONNECT2022 Global Conference, this paper is the next in publication since the CCIF was established at the Climate Bonds Conference on 9th Sep 2020
The Launch of AIIB-Amundi Climate Change Investment Framework (CCIF) was marked in a session with President Jin Liqun, AIIB & Yves Perrier, CEO Amundi with Sean Kidney, CEO Climate Bonds.


We are bringing you a new report that presents the first research application of the CCIF on three levels: sectors, companies, and issuers of debt securities.

The research universe comprises corporates domiciled in AIIB Members predominantly in EM Asia, and operating across AIIB’s focus areas.

The report and its constituent analyses were produced by a consortium of organisations led by AIIB and Amundi: the sector-level analysis was contributed by Fitch Solutions, the company-level case studies by the Carbon Trust, and the issuer and bond-market level analysis by Climate Bonds.

Key findings and conclusions from each level of analysis are presented below. This report reviews the overall market and is not specific to AIIB and/or Amundi funds.

Previously launched in Sept 2020 as a Working Paper the AIIB-Amundi Climate Change Investment Framework's was the first publication around this work. The approach in this paper translated the key objectives of the Paris Agreement into fundamental metrics to assess an issuer’s level of alignment with climate change mitigation, adaptation and low-carbon transition objectives.

The framework is a knowledge product from AIIB’s Asia Climate Bond Portfolio project, whose objective is to select and invest in Climate Champions that will outperform in the long run.

AIIB’s Asia Climate Bond Portfolio, which applies the framework, is functioning as a live case-study for institutional investors.