Upcoming CBI Training Events

May 12, 2020 to May 13, 2020 »

Rob Fowler and Cedric Rimaud deliver the Thai Green Bond Boot Camp and Deep Dive session in partnership with Stock Exchange of Thailand and IFC Thailand



May 21, 2020 »

The Australian Green Bond Boot Camp is going to be delivered by Rob Fowler in Sydney

May 22, 2020 »

Following the Green Bond Boot Camp on May 21st 2020, Rob Fowler will be in Sydney to deliver The Australian Green Bond Deep Dive training, to dive into Green Bonds complexities

May 27, 2020 »

Our trainer Rob Fowler is going to take the Australian Green Bond Boot Camp to Melbourne

Jun 17, 2020 »

Cedric Rimaud delivers the Malaysian Green Bond Workshop in partnership with REDmoney


Sep 2, 2020 »

Following the success of our Green Bond Boot Camp training all over the world over the last years and responding to the continuous demand, Climate Bonds is currently developing its training programme and from now will dedicate a whole day of the annual conference to training.


Continuously working towards our mission, Climate Bonds Initiative created the Green Bond training in 2018. Since then, the Climate Bonds Green Bond Boot Camp has travelled the world preparing the community of professionals whose organisations are active or want to become active in green bond markets. The training provides participants with the knowledge and confidence to play a role in scaling up the financing of low carbon, climate-resilient assets and infrastructure in their country, region and globally.
Our training programme will be developing soon with new topics responding to the continuous demand for Green Bond expertise.

Green Bond Boot Camp

The Green Bond Boot Camp is an intensive training course intended as a comprehensive introduction for professionals who want to benefit from the fast-growing market in Green Bonds. From bond issuers, investors, central or commercial banks, capital markets specialists or other professionals in the field, will have not only expertise and intelligence including the most updated data and news in the Green bonds world but also the opportunity to exchange knowledge between your peers.
The training is led by a senior Certification practitioner and the modules are presented by green bond experts.


The programme includes four learning modules, using case studies and ’Tales from the Trenches’ shared directly from issuers during the day:

  • Green Bond basics, market overview and pricing
  • Labelling, Certification, green definitions and criteria
  • Policy and market development
  • Case studies

Additional Details:

  • The Green Bond Boot Camp has the maximum number of participants at 30
  • Each participant is provided with comprehensive course materials which can be annotated during the camp and retained for future reference
  • Refreshments throughout the day and lunch are included
  • Laptops will not be used during the training



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