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Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. As international climate talks grind ahead slowly and the impacts of a world warming continue to batter communities across the globe, capital markets hold great potential to drive the change we need. We need to act now and everyone has a role to play. Since 2018, the Climate Bonds Initiative Training Academy has empowered professionals in finance and sustainability to harness the potential of green finance as a tool to support our transition to a low carbon economy. Answering the need expressed by many to stay abreast of the latest developments in sustainable finance, Climate Bonds Initiative has developed a series of leading training options to empower the next generation of sustainable finance leaders to take action.

Benefit from experiences provided by a reputable and independent international not-for-profit that is globally recognised as pioneer and thought leader in sustainable finance:

  • Upgrade your knowledge and skills as practitioner or decision-maker through superior training sessions at an affordable price.
  • Fast track your career and gain a competitive advantage in the job market with the latest information and reliable data about the market.
  • Internationally recognised experts teaching theory and guiding practical exercises and case studies, with real world application.
  • Gain deep insight through a bespoke learning experience and tailored products and programmes.
  • Enjoy opportunities to connect and network with peers and others in the sustainable finance space.


Who is our training for:

Our public training programme is available to serve individuals who aim to broaden their knowledge on Sustainable Finance worldwide. 

Investors | Asset Managers | Portfolio Managers | Research Analysts | Bond Issuers & Structurers | Sustainability Teams | Public Sector Officials Consultancies External Review Service Providers | Legal teams  | Think Tanks | Academia 


Training sessions coming up

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Private Training 

Public Training  In-Person Online


Climate Bonds Academy Training Portfolio

All training materials used at the Climate Bonds Initiative Academy are based on data, intelligence and research produced by Climate Bonds Initiative. Contained in our unique database, Climate Bonds Initiative conducts analysis, interprets trends and produces authoritative market reports that have shaped the green finance market for more than a decade. Download the brochure








Foundational Courses Deep Dive Courses Spotlight modules  

Our most comprehensive, end-to-end syllabus. Foundational courses lay the foundation for all things about climate bonds in one place and provide you with overarching knowledge about the topic. 


Our Deep Dive Courses are shorter, more focussed and more technical in nature. They will explore details of topics you won't find anywhere else.


Masterclasses provide you with the ultimate level of flexibility to choose what is best for your context and organisation. Designed to be shorter and tailored to your specific needs. 





Climate Bonds' Tailored Training Services

By providing training courses that can be tailored to maximise individual or group learning, we equip professionals from both the public and private sector with the tools to achieve their development goals and stay ahead in business. Course material is continuously updated to draw on the latest Climate Bonds’ research, data and thought leadership - allowing for an unparalleled training experience that keeps pace with a fast-changing environment, whilst putting you in the driving seat.
Contact our training team via the form below for any enquiries, we are looking forward to work together. 


CBI Training Team

Climate Bonds has more than 100 expert staff in 24 countries and a network of contributors globally including leading minds in the climate change arena. Our London HQ team will assist you with sales and tailored training services proposals as well as the admin support you may need. Our team of Trainers is selected according the regional expertise and laguage requirements. Our Climate Bonds broader team work collaboratively and give input with the latest market data and news about Sustainable Finance in the world. 


Abraham Pedroza

Lead Trainer


Matthew Diepenbroek 
Sustainable Finance Trainer


Megan Le Doare
Training Officer


Meggie Eloy 
Sustainable Finance Trainer


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