Labelled green bonds data

Labelled green bonds are bonds that earmark proceeds for climate or environmental projects and have been labelled as ‘green’ by the issuer. The Climate Bonds Initiative has been tracking the green labelled market since 2009. Most of our public reporting on the market to date has been through the Climate Bonds blog and our annual State of the Market report.

Please note the following points about the data:

  • The purpose of this database is to track all self-labelled green bonds, but it does not provide an opinion on whether the Climate Bonds Initiative agrees with this label.
  • Second opinion documents are listed when publicly available (on a best efforts basis).
  • More analysis on each bond is available via the Climate Bonds blog.
  • Please note that additional "taps" of the same bond are listed separately.
  • Data is updated periodically and is therefore not live data.

Additional data points including identifiers are available through to Climate Bonds Partners through the Partner Zone of the website. To learn more about becoming a partner, click here.

For any other queries on the data provided, please visit the Data Requests page and complete the relevant form.

Name Climate Bonds Certified Amount Issued Currency Issue Date Maturity External Review Blog
New Jersey Infrastructure Bank (formerly New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust) 36,200,000 USD May-18 Sep-47
Bank of America 2,250,000,000 USD May-18 May-22
New York State Housing Finance Agency Yes 99,420,000 USD May-18 May-51 Sustainalytics
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority 22,095,000 USD May-18 Aug-26
Bazalgette Finance 175,000,000 GBP May-18 May-52 S&P Global Ratings
Vasakronan 150,000,000 NOK May-18 May-30 CICERO
K-Water 300,000,000 USD May-18 May-23 Sustainalytics
BBVA 1,000,000,000 EUR May-18 May-25 DNV GL
Manulife Financial 600,000,000 CAD May-18 May-28 Sustainalytics
FlexiGroup Yes 81,300,000 AUD May-18 Jun-23 _Certified
Z�rcher Kantonalbank 115,000,000 CHF May-18 May-25 ISS-oekom, Moody's
EIB 150,000,000 AUD May-18 Feb-28
Z�rcher Kantonalbank 210,000,000 CHF May-18 May-25 ISS-oekom, Moody's
China Jushi 200,000,000 CNY May-18 May-21 China Bond Rating
ADIF ALTA VELOCIDAD 600,000,000 EUR May-18 May-26 CICERO
Republic of Lithuania 20,000,000 EUR May-18 May-28
Nordic Investment Bank 500,000,000 EUR May-18 Nov-25 CICERO
Volkswagen Immobilien Yes 107,000,000 EUR May-18 May-33 ISS-oekom, ISS-oekom
Ming Yang Smart Energy 500,000,000 CNY May-18 May-21 Lianhe EQ
Kommuninvest 3,000,000,000 SEK Apr-18 Dec-21 CICERO
District of Columbia Water 100,000,000 USD Apr-18 Oct-49 Moody's
Ygrene Energy Fund (GoodGreen) 340,470,000 USD Apr-18 Oct-53 S&P Global Ratings
UiTM Solar Power Sdn Bhd 222,300,000 MYR Apr-18 Apr-36
Fransabank SAL 60,000,000 USD Apr-18 Apr-25 Moody's
World Bank (IBRD) 1,000,000,000 HKD Apr-18 Apr-20 CICERO
City of Tampa, Florida 84,560,000 USD Apr-18 May-46
Yangzhou Transportation Industrial Group 500,000,000 CNY Apr-18 Apr-23 Lianhe EQ
Zhongyuan Bank 1,500,000,000 CNY Apr-18 Apr-21 China Bond Rating
Landsea Green Group 150,000,000 USD Apr-18 Apr-20 S&P Global Ratings
EIB 1,500,000,000 USD Apr-18 Jun-25
Hua Nan Commercial Bank 1,000,000,000 TWD Apr-18 Apr-21 KPMG
Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank 17,715,000 USD Apr-18 Oct-37
Star Energy Geothermal (Wayang Windu) Ltd 580,000,000 USD Apr-18 Apr-33 Carbon Trust
E Sun Commercial Bank 1,100,000,000 TWD Apr-18 Apr-20 Deloitte
Iberdrola 400,000,000 EUR Apr-18 Apr-23 Vigeo Eiris
ISA CTEEP 621,000,000 BRL Apr-18 Apr-25 SITAWI
Solar Mosaic 235,250,000 USD Apr-18 Jun-43 Sustainalytics, Deloitte
Vasakronan 1,000,000,000 SEK Apr-18 Dec-23 CICERO
ACS 750,000,000 EUR Apr-18 Apr-26 S&P Global Ratings
New York State Housing Finance Agency 68,880,000 USD Apr-18 May-51 Sustainalytics
Atrium Ljungberg 500,000,000 SEK Apr-18 Apr-21 CICERO
Dividend Finance 104,670,000 USD Apr-18 Jul-38 Sustainalytics
ABN AMRO 750,000,000 EUR Apr-18 Apr-25 ISS-oekom
Verbund AG 100,000,000 EUR Apr-18 Apr-28 Sustainalytics
Jernhusen AB 500,000,000 SEK Apr-18 Apr-23 Sustainalytics
Berlin Hyp 500,000,001 EUR Apr-18 Apr-28 ISS-oekom
BNP Paribas 500,000,001 EUR Apr-18 Apr-24 ISS-oekom, EY
Bazalgette Finance 150,000,000 GBP Apr-18 Apr-32 S&P Global Ratings
Fabege AB 200,000,000 SEK Apr-18 Apr-24 Sustainalytics
YIWU STATE OWNED ASSET 700,000,000 CNY Apr-18 Apr-21 China Bond Rating
Sihui Rural Commercial Bank 100,000,000 CNY Apr-18 Apr-21 Golden Credit
Fabege AB 500,000,000 SEK Apr-18 Apr-20 Sustainalytics
Republic of France 1,096,000,000 EUR Apr-18 Jun-39 Vigeo Eiris
IFC 500,000,000 SEK Apr-18 May-25 CICERO
Klovern 900,000,000 SEK Apr-18 Apr-22 CICERO
WDP 100,000,000 EUR Mar-18 Mar-29 CICERO
Swedbank 2,000,000,000 SEK Mar-18 Mar-23 DNV GL
Zhuhai Huafa Comprehensive Development 1,000,000,000 CNY Mar-18 Mar-23 Lianhe EQ
PACE Funding Group 50,000,000 USD Mar-18 Dec-99
San Rafael Joint Powers Financing Authority 45,485,000 USD Mar-18 Jun-34
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co 620,000,000 CNY Mar-18 Mar-21 Pengyuan
Iberdrola 700,000,000 EUR Mar-18 Mar-17 Vigeo Eiris
Beijing Capital 630,000,000 CNY Mar-18 Mar-20 Sustainalytics
Beijing Capital 500,000,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-21 Sustainalytics
Vasakronan 450,000,000 SEK Mar-18 Feb-21 CICERO
Asian Development Bank (ADB) 100,000,000 HKD Mar-18 Mar-20 CICERO
Tianjin Rail Transit 400,000,000 EUR Mar-18 Jun-22 Sustainalytics
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority 18,500,000 USD Mar-18 Apr-34 First Environment
Shanghai Lingang Economic Development 1,000,000,000 CNY Mar-18 Mar-22 CCXI
EIB 250,000,000 EUR Mar-18 Nov-47
Arise 650,000,000 SEK Mar-18 Mar-21 Moody's
Huarong Xiangjiang Bank 2,500,000,000 CNY Mar-18 Mar-21 EY
Prologis European Logistics Fund 300,000,000 EUR Mar-18 Mar-28 Sustainalytics
Aguas Andinas 1,500,000 CLF Mar-18 Mar-25 Vigeo Eiris
Suntien Green Energy 590,000,000 CNY Mar-18 Jul-16 EY
EIB 200,000,000 AUD Mar-18 Feb-28
Landsvirkjun 200,000,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-28 Sustainalytics
Growthpoint Properties 1,100,000,000 ZAR Mar-18 Mar-28 KPMG
California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (Ibank) 449,225,000 USD Mar-18 Oct-48
Vellinge Municipality 200,000,000 SEK Mar-18 Mar-23 CICERO
Kingdom of Belgium 4,500,000,000 EUR Mar-18 Apr-33 Sustainalytics
Vasakronan 500,000,000 SEK Mar-18 Mar-21 CICERO
Modern Land 350,000,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-21 CICERO, S&P Global Ratings
Fannie Mae 8,250,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-30
Fannie Mae 7,155,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-30
Province of Qu�bec 500,000,000 CAD Mar-18 Mar-23 CICERO
Fannie Mae 7,125,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-33
Fannie Mae 2,896,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-48
Fannie Mae 6,600,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-30
Fannie Mae 54,447,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-28
Fannie Mae 2,000,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-48
Fannie Mae 1,970,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-30
Fannie Mae 12,175,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-30
Fannie Mae 31,135,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-30
Fannie Mae 14,645,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-30
Fannie Mae 17,479,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-28
Fannie Mae 5,850,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-30
Fannie Mae 75,074,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-28
Fannie Mae 24,744,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-33
Fannie Mae 6,402,000 USD Mar-18 Mar-25
Source: Climate Bonds, Bloomberg.

Climate Bonds Initiative gathers more data than listed here. The wider data set is only available to Climate Bonds Partners. This additional data includes:

  • Issuer type (Corporate, Muni, Development Bank etc)
  • Source data links
  • Bond ISINs and CUSIPs
  • CBI comments

For more details check out the partner section of the website.