Labelled green bonds data

Labelled green bonds are bonds that earmark proceeds for climate or environmental projects and have been labelled as ‘green’ by the issuer. The Climate Bonds Initiative has been tracking the green labelled market since 2009. Most of our public reporting on the market to date has been through the Climate Bonds blog and our annual State of the Market report.

Please note the following points about the data:

  • The purpose of this database is to track all self-labelled green bonds, but it does not provide an opinion on whether the Climate Bonds Initiative agrees with this label.
  • Second opinion documents are listed when publicly available (on a best efforts basis).
  • More analysis on each bond is available via the Climate Bonds blog.
  • Please note that additional "taps" of the same bond are listed separately.
  • Data is updated periodically and is therefore not live data.


Additional data points including identifiers are available through to Climate Bonds Partners through the Partner Zone of the website. To learn more about becoming a partner, click here.

For any other queries on the data provided, please contact

Name Climate Bonds Certified Amount Issued Currency Issue Datesort ascending Maturity Independent Review Independent Review Link Blog
City of Ottawa 102,000,000 CAD Nov-17 Nov-47 Sustainalytics
AfDB (African Development Bank) 65,000,000 AUD Nov-17 Dec-31 CICERO
City and County of San Francisco yes 171,405,000 USD Nov-17 Sustainalytics
New York State Environmental Facilities 91,580,000 USD Nov-17 None
Swedbank 500,000,000 EUR Nov-17 Nov-22 DNV GL
The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County 89,420,000 USD Nov-17 Moody's
New York State Housing Finance Agency yes 115,215,000 USD Nov-17 Sustainalytics
Indiana Finance Authority 145,540,000 USD Nov-17 None
Republic of Fiji 100,000,000 FJD Nov-17 Sustainalytics
San Diego Unified School District 59,000,000 USD Nov-17 None
Trinity Public Utilities District 20,835,000 USD Nov-17 None
Tokyo Metropolitan Government 5,000,000,000 JPY Oct-17 Sep-47 Oekom
Tokyo Metropolitan Government 5,000,000,000 JPY Oct-17 Sep-22 Oekom
SFF (Fabege) 274,000,000 SEK Oct-17 Oct-22 CICERO
Los Angeles County MTA yes 471,395,000 USD Oct-17 First Environment
World Bank (IBRD) 233,100,000 INR Oct-17 Nov-22 CICERO
Solar Mosaic 246,250,000 USD Oct-17 Sep-42 Sustainalytics
Solar Mosaic 18,750,000 USD Oct-17 Sep-42 Sustainalytics
Solar Mosaic 28,000,000 USD Oct-17 Sep-42 Sustainalytics
Solar Mosaic 14,500,000 USD Oct-17 Sep-42 Sustainalytics
Renew Financial 28,900,000 USD Oct-17 Sep-53 Moody's
Renew Financial 5,385,000 USD Oct-17 Sep-53 Moody's
Renew Financial 174,133,000 USD Oct-17 Sep-53 Moody's
Atrium Ljungberg 300,000,000 SEK Oct-17 Oct-23 CICERO
Vasakronan 400,000,000 SEK Oct-17 Apr-23 CICERO
Berlin Hyp 500,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Oct-27 Oekom
Iren 500,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Oct-27 DNV GL
IFC 1,000,000,000 USD Oct-17 Oct-22 CICERO
KfW 200,000,000 AUD Oct-17 Jul-20 CICERO
Innogy 850,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Oct-27 Sustainalytics
Rikshem 250,000,000 SEK Oct-17 Oct-22 CICERO
Rikshem 450,000,000 SEK Oct-17 Oct-22 CICERO
Altum 20,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Oct-24 CICERO
Mizuho Financial Group 500,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Oct-24 Sustainalytics
Vasakronan 150,000,000 SEK Oct-17 Apr-20 CICERO
ICBC yes 400,000,000 USD Oct-17 Oct-22 Beijing Zhongcai Green Financing Consultant Ltd
ICBC yes 1,100,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Oct-20 Beijing Zhongcai Green Financing Consultant Ltd
ICBC yes 450,000,000 USD Oct-17 Oct-20 Beijing Zhongcai Green Financing Consultant Ltd
Hebei Financial Leasing 700,000,000 CNY Oct-17 Oct-20 EY
SBAB Bank 1,000,000,000 SEK Oct-17 Oct-22 CICERO
SBAB Bank 750,000,000 SEK Oct-17 Oct-22 CICERO
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp 500,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Oct-24 Sustainalytics
IREDA yes 19,500,000,000 INR Oct-17 Oct-22 Emergent Ventures
Dividend Finance 115,376,000 USD Oct-17 Mar-38 Sustainalytics
Dividend Finance 6,787,000 USD Oct-17 Mar-38 Sustainalytics
Dividend Finance 6,787,000 USD Oct-17 Mar-38 Sustainalytics
Quantum Solar Park (Semenanjung Sdn Bhd) 1,000,000,000 MYR Oct-17 CICERO
EBRD 500,000,000 USD Oct-17 Jul-21 CICERO
KfW 1,000,000,000 USD Oct-17 Sep-22 CICERO
MANN+HUMMEL 400,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Sustainalytics
Municipality Finance (Finland) 500,000,000 EUR Oct-17 Sep-27 CICERO
Credit Agricole CIB 322,000,000 TRY Sep-17 Sep-21 Sustainalytics
Credit Agricole CIB 165,000,000 MXN Sep-17 Sep-21 Sustainalytics
New York State Housing Finance Agency yes 40,915,000 USD Sep-17 Sustainalytics
World Bank (IBRD) 15,000,000 USD Sep-17 Sep-22 CICERO
Credit Agricole CIB 5,800,000 BRL Sep-17 Sep-20 Sustainalytics
New York MTA yes 662,025,000 USD Sep-17 Sustainalytics
Engie 500,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Feb-23 Vigeo EIRIS
Engie 750,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Feb-29 Vigeo EIRIS
Hanjin International 300,000,000 USD Sep-17 Sep-20 Sustainalytics
EIB 200,000,000 AUD Sep-17 Feb-28 None
World Bank (IBRD) 1,608,700,000 INR Sep-17 Sep-22 CICERO
Deutsche KreditBank AG 500,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Sep-24 Oekom
Fabege AB 600,000,000 SEK Sep-17 Sep-22 Sustainalytics
Sveaskog 450,000,000 SEK Sep-17 Sep-22 DNV GL
Sveaskog 550,000,000 SEK Sep-17 Sep-22 DNV GL
Province of Jujuy 210,000,000 USD Sep-17 Sep-22 Sustainalytics
Mexico City Airport 3,000,000,000 USD Sep-17 Jul-47 Sustainalytics
Mexico City Airport 1,000,000,000 USD Sep-17 Apr-28 Sustainalytics
Klabin 500,000,000 USD Sep-17 Sep-27 Sustainalytics
Hypo Vorarlberg 300,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Sep-22 Oekom
CGN WIND ENERGY 1,000,000,000 CNY Sep-17 None
China Development Bank 4,400,000,000 CNY Sep-17 Sep-20 PwC
City and County of Honolulu 20,060,000 USD Sep-17 None
Santa Monica Public Financing Authority 68,565,000 USD Sep-17 None
Icade 600,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Sep-27 Sustainalytics
NRW Bank 500,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Sep-27 Oekom
Iberdrola 750,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Sep-27 Vigeo EIRIS
TD Bank 1,000,000,000 USD Sep-17 Sep-20 DNV GL
Suzano Papel e Celulose 200,000,000 USD Sep-17 Mar-47 None
BANK OF DONGGUAN 2,000,000,000 CNY Sep-17 Sep-20 EY
Acciona 65,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Dec-30 Vigeo EIRIS
HUISHANG BANK 1,000,000,000 CNY Sep-17 Sep-20 EY
CECEP WIND-POWER CORP 300,000,000 CNY Sep-17 Sep-22 CECEP
Tenaska 400,000,000 USD Sep-17 Sustainalytics
SSE 600,000,000 EUR Sep-17 Sep-25 DNV GL
Export Development Canada 500,000,000 CAD Sep-17 Sep-22 CICERO
Suzano Papel e Celulose 200,000,000 USD Sep-17 Jul-26 Sustainalytics
Vasakronan 200,000,000 SEK Aug-17 Aug-20 CICERO
GCL New Energy 375,000,000 CNY Aug-17 None
Fabege AB 300,000,000 SEK Aug-17 Aug-21 Sustainalytics
Nordic Investment Bank 2,000,000,000 SEK Aug-17 Aug-22 CICERO
Guangdong Huaxing Bank 2,000,000,000 CNY Aug-17 Aug-20 CECEP
World Bank (IBRD) 15,000,000 USD Aug-17 Aug-22 CICERO
Sound Group 51,800,000 CNY Aug-17 Aug-27 Syntao Green Finance
Sound Group 768,200,000 CNY Aug-17 Aug-27 Syntao Green Finance
Hebei Financial Leasing 500,000,000 CNY Aug-17 Aug-20 EY
TSINGHUA SCIENCE PARK 350,000,000 CNY Aug-17 Aug-22 CCXI
City of Greensboro 25,990,000 USD Aug-17 None
Source: Climate Bonds, Bloomberg.

Climate Bonds Initiative gathers more data than listed here. The wider data set is only available to Climate Bonds Partners. This additional data includes:

  • Issuer type (Corporate, Muni, Development Bank etc)
  • Source data links
  • Bond ISINs and CUSIPs
  • CBI comments

For more details check out the partner section of the website.