Climate Bonds Launches Fast-Track Certification: Expediting the Certification Process for Debt Issuers and Approved Verifiers


Climate Bonds Launches Fast-Track Certification

Expediting the Certification Process for Debt Issuers and Approved Verifiers 

London 05/10/22: 10:00 GMT+1: Climate Bonds launches Fast-Track Certification, a development that expedites the Certification process for debt issuers and approved verifiers. The platform is now online and can be accessed here.

Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative said, “Ensuring capital is committed to climate causes at scale is crucial to our planet’s survival. The finance sector needs guidance, not greenwash. Certification under the Climate Bonds Standard represents a mark of best practice in sustainable financing, signalling to investors that green-labelled assets are aligned with international targets on climate change.”

“Fast-tracking our Certification process breaks down another barrier between companies with climate ambition and the access to capital. Ensuring that sustainable financing is done with ease and integrity is core to the Climate Bonds mission.”

The Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme currently underpin over USD250bn in debt issuance in both developed and emerging economies, and across a diverse range of industry sectors and issuer types.


Fast-Track Certification

Our new tool serves Approved Verifiers and Debt Issuers:

      i.         Approved verifiers: 

An easy process that provides you with a customised list of templates to complete the verification work. 

Our network of Approved Verifiers now stands at 78 organisations and growing. This new tool streamlines the process for verifiers.

     ii.         Debt Issuers:

Easy-to-use tools that give you the exact documents you need to certify your debt, as well as options to help you find and choose an Approved Verifier for your specific needs. 

The sustainable debt market has seen continuous growth, and various new themes are emerging as the green transition goes mainstream. 

Fast-Track Certification is one part of the major expansion programme underway at the Climate Bonds Initiative in order to facilitate market growth anticipations. Our best-practice standards and definitions now extend to to several hard-to-abate sectors. These sectors will be available for Certified Debt Issuances in Q4 2022:

  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Basic Chemicals
  • Hydrogen

The Climate Bonds Standard Version 4.0 is also seeing a structural expansion to certify assets, non-financial corporates and Sustainability-Linked Bonds (SLBs) issued by non-financial corporates, a significant development currently open for public consultation.

In addition to developing the Standard, the Climate Bonds Initiative works to expand green definitions for investments across the global economy that are in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.




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Senior Communications & Digital Manager, 

Climate Bonds Initiative

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Communications & Media Officer, 

Climate Bonds Initiative

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Notes for journalists:

About the Climate Bonds Initiative: An investor-focused not-for-profit, promoting large-scale investment in the low-carbon economy, Climate Bonds Initiative carries out market analysis, policy research, market development; advises governments and regulators; and administers a global Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme. For more information, please visit  

About Climate Bonds Standard: It is an overarching science-based, multi-sector standard overseen by the independent Climate Bonds Standards Board that allows investors and intermediaries to easily assess the climate credentials and environmental integrity of bonds and other green debt products. 

Launched in 2011, with periodic updates, the Climate Bonds Standard is the most detailed, climate aligned investment criteria available in the market and provides guidance to issuers, investors, governments and regulators. 

Current Standard V3.0 and supporting documentation is available here.

New Climate Bonds Standard Version 4.0 is open now for public consultation and will be available by end of Q4 2022.

About Climate Bonds Certification: Climate Bonds Certification framework has been designed to work in parallel with the normal process for issuing bonds, loans or other debt products. It has 2 phases, Pre-Issuance and Post-Issuance. Certification of a Climate Bond at the pre-issuance phase enables the issuer and underwriters to market the bond or debt product as Certified.

Further assurance activities at the post-issuance stage and annual reporting are required to maintain certification.

The full Climate Bonds Database of Certified issuance can be found here

The full Climate Bonds Directory of Approved Verifiers can be found here.

About Verification: Verification is an analysis-based process carried out by the independent Climate Bonds Standards Board approved independent organisation to assure the issuance of a climate bond, the nature of the associated low carbon projects or activities, and the associated financial accounting systems are in conformance with the Climate Bonds Standard and can gain Certification. Full list of Approved Verifiers can be found here.





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Certification under the Climate Bond Standard only reflects the climate attributes of the use of proceeds of a designated debt instrument. It does not reflect the credit worthiness of the designated debt instrument, nor its compliance with national or international laws.
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