Become an Approved Verifier

Approved Verifiers

Promoting Credibility, Trust and Transparency

The Climate Bonds Standard Board approves Third Party Verifiers on the basis of their competence to conduct the assurance process. This competence includes knowledge/experience in climate change and low carbon-related projects and sustainable finance instruments.

Verifiers are engaged by the Issuer to conduct assurance engagements in accordance with international assurance frameworks in order to provide verification reports and an opinion of compliance with the Climate Bonds Standard.

Application Process

To qualify as an approved verifier, a company must be able to demonstrate that they have competence and experience in the following 3 areas:

  1. Issuance of debt instruments in the capital markets and management of funds within issuing organisations.
  2. Technical characteristics and performance of low carbon projects and assets in the areas covered by the specific criteria available under the Climate Bonds Standard.
  3. Provision of Assurance Services in line with the International Standards on Assurance Engagements ISAE 3000.  

Verifiers can choose to provide assurance under Use of Proceeds and Assets only, or can expand their approval scope to include, Entities and Sustainability-linked Debt

Additional requirements are in place for companies wishing to conduct Entity and Sustainability-linked Debtverifications against the Climate Bonds Standard. The full Selection Criteria, including the updated requirements for the expanded Certification Scheme, is included in the Application Form and Screening Criteria template.

To become an Approved Verifier please download and complete the Application Form and the Climate Bonds Verifier Agreement and send these to

Applications are assessed by the Climate Bonds Standard Secretariat and then approved by the Climate Bonds Standard Board. Once approved, Verifiers must sign the Climate Bonds Verifier Agreement. Approved Verifiers can commence their first Verification engagement once they have received the Climate Bonds formal Letter of Approval and Certificate.

Resources for Verifiers :

Please see the following resources relevant to Verifiers:

  1. Brochure providing an overview of the Certification Scheme
  2. Approved Verifiers Directory
  3. List of certified bonds and loans
  4. The Assurance Framework & Guidance for Verifiers document, which describes the Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme and the role played by the Approved Verifier.
  5. Application Form and Screening Criteria 
  6. Climate Bonds Verifier Agreement
  7. Use of Proceeds & Asset Certification
    1. Pre-Issuance Checklist
    2. Post-Issuance Checklist (document to be finalised)
  8. Entity & SLD Certification
    1. Guidance to Entity Certification
    2. Guidance to SLD Certification