Online Events & Webinars

Online Events & Webinars

In the wake of COVID-19 we have taken all our upcoming events onto online platforms of Webinars and Podcasts. Details are under Climate Bonds Connected and also below in our Events schedule.

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Annual Conference and ongoing training sessions:

Past Events

Jun 9, 2021 »

In their inaugural episode of One Step Ahead podcast, Lyxor ETF spoke to Sean Kidney, CEO and Co-Founder of Climate Bonds Initiative and Samu Slotte, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at Danske Bank,. They gave their honest take on the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency, and the crucial role investors must play to enact change. Samu also gave concrete examples of green projects financed by Danske Bank’s green bonds, ranging from green buildings to renewable energy.

Jun 8, 2021 »

Expanding and upgrading electricity grid and storage infrastructure is crucial to meeting the steep decarbonisation goals for energy systems. More flexible and distributed systems are needed to bring about clean electricity.

At the same time, this infrastructure is vital for the decarbonisation of other sectors. For industrial sectors or buildings, electrification is a key means to achieving that. The dependence of so many sectors and societies on stable electricity provision makes grid resilience essential.

This webinar will discuss Climate Bonds' development of criteria for the transmission and distribution of electricity (i.e. Grids). Laying out the rationale and direction behind this criteria, we are seeking engagement from reviewers around the world to feed into our public consultation process for these Criteria.

Jun 8, 2021 »

Green Bond investors are not exempt from the foreign exchange risks in their portfolios. Besides, risks cannot be eliminated; however, they can be transferred through different financial structures or derivative products provided by the leading financial institutions. This is particularly true in well-developed and liquid capital markets but not so in emerging markets.

To tackle this challenge, TCX Fund offers global solutions to manage currency risk in developing and frontier markets for local currencies. This allows investors and bond issuers to protect themselves from any currency volatility.

Climate Bonds Initiative is aware of this risk and the critical role that hedging opportunities can play in developing the sustainable financial market in Latin America. FX hedging solution can help drive down the cost of capital for climate projects in the region and increase international investor's interest.


May 26, 2021 »

Climate Bonds Initiative invite you to the Post Issuance Reporting in the Green Bond Market 2021 produced with support from IDB, UniCredit and Lyxor AM

The green finance revolution and the huge role it will play in fighting climate change relies on the integrity of the market and investor’s capacity to know what their capital is funding.

We have seen the market growing to an incredible USD 1 trillion and simultaneously, interest in UoP and impact reporting to inform investor decision-making process is increasingly gaining the centre focus.

Join our expert panel of speakers as we provide a detailed analysis on the future of sustainability reporting for investors, issuers, regulators and other player in mainstream finance.

Wednesday May 26th 2021

08:00 New York / 13:00 London / 20:00 Beijing


- Maria Netto, Financial Institutions Principal Specialist, IDB

- Alexander Vasa, Financial Institutions Senior Specialist, IDB

- Antonio Keglevich, Head of Sustainable Finance Advisory, UniCredit

- Patrick Ho, Sustainable Development Manager, Swire Properties

- Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds

- Miguel Almeida, Research Manager and Lead Author, Climate Bonds

This is the 3rd iteration of our Post Issuance Reporting in the Green Bond Market Series.

Post-issuance reporting on the use of proceeds (UoP) is a core component of the Green Bond Principles (GBP) and the Green Loan Principles (GLP). Issuers that are effectively reporting on the environmental impacts of funded projects ensure the transparency and accountability that underpins the credibility of green bonds and loans.

May 21, 2021 »

Hausfeld London's vlog series - the 'Green Room' - which celebrates #COP26, Ingrid Gubbay speaks to Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative. They discuss his hopes for COP26, how institutional investors need to calibrate risk - with #climatechange one of the biggest risks of our time, where our governments need to act fast, and which green instruments need our focus.

May 14, 2021 »

The Climate Bonds Initiative, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), HSBC and the Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA) invite you to the Online Launch via Webinar of the Hong Kong Green Bond Market Briefing 2020.

The event will provide insights on key trends and developments in the Hong Kong green finance market focussing on green bond issuance, policy and market growth. Outlook for 2021 including Hong Kong’s closer collaboration with the Greater Bay Area (GBA) in promoting green finance, and the actions required to build a climate-resilient financial system will also be discussed. 

Launch Webinar 


Date: 14 May 2021, Friday

Time: 15:00 - 16:00 Hong Kong/ 08:00 - 09:00 London


15.00 - 15.05     Welcome and introductory remarks

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

15.05 - 15.15     Key findings of the Hong Kong Green Bond Market Briefing 2020

Ivy Lau, General Manager East Asia, Client Services, Climate Bonds Initiative

15.15 - 15.50     2021 outlook – boosting green finance in Hong Kong to bolster Asia’s push for carbon neutrality

Kenneth Hui, Head of Market Development Division, HKMA

Luying Gan, Head of Sustainable Bonds, Debt Capital Markets Asia-Pacific, HSBC

Tracy Wong Harris, Deputy Secretary General, HKGFA and Head of Sustainable Finance, Greater China and North Asia, Standard Chartered 

15.50 – 16.00    Q&A

Join via Zoom 

Hong Kong Green Bond Market Briefing 2020 is produced in partnership with HSBC and supported by the HKMA and the Hong Kong Green Finance Association. 

Apr 29, 2021 »

Climate Bonds in partnership with HSBC invite you to the online launch of the ASEAN Sustainable Finance State of the Market 2020 report, produced with the support of HSBC.

The ASEAN sustainable finance market expanded in 2020 despite the negative impact of COVID-19.

Market and investor interest is increasingly being focused on the role that green bonds, green loans, social and sustainability bonds can play in sustainable development, infrastructure investment and low carbon growth paths.

Following on from our landmark Green Finance report of 2020, our first ASEAN Sustainable Finance- State of the Market report analyses in detail regional and national investment developments across green, social and sustainable labels.  

Join us for insights on key trends and developments for the sustainable finance market in ASEAN in 2020, including market growth, the role that Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) like the International Finance Corporation (IFC) could play in shaping the region’s sustainable finance ecosystem, opportunities brought about by the “build back better” agenda, and what we may expect to see in 2021 for sustainable finance in ASEAN.

Thursday April 29th, 2021
09:00 London / 15:00 Hanoi, Bangkok, Jakarta / 16:00 Singapore, Hong Kong / 18:00 Sydney

16:00 - Introductory remarks, Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
16:05 - Report Key findings, Cedric Rimaud, ASEAN Program Manager - Climate Bonds Initiative 
16:20 - Remarks by Jonathan Drew, Managing Director, ESG Solutions, Global Banking - HSBC
16:30 - Remarks by Pushkala Ratan, Regional Lead, Climate Finance Asia, Financial Institutions Group, IFC 
16:40 - Q&A Moderator: Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
17:00 - Close


Apr 27, 2021 »

Join us for the launch of the Sustainable Debt Global State of the Market 2020 report. 

The tenth iteration in our flagship State of the Market series, with definitive data and analysis of the shape & size of the green, social, and sustainable debt market in 2020. 

Developments in Transition, green recovery finance and EU green market leadership during 2020 will be reviewed. 

The major factors driving green investment and market directions in 2021/2022 will be discussed by the expert panel. 

A one-off opportunity to explore an extraordinary year in green finance and growth tends in coming years. 

- Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

Guest Speakers: 
- Krista Tukiainen, Head of Research and Reporting, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Bernhard Windisch, Head of Unit – Budget Performance & Policy Mainstreaming, European Commission
- Paroche Hutachareon, Director – Strategic Risk Management Group at Public Debt Management Office, Thailand 
- Rupert Cadbury, Fixed Income Portfolio Strategist, State Street Global Advisors
- Ingo Speich, Head of Sustainability & Corporate Governance, Deka Investment

Webinar details:

Tuesday 27th April 2021
06:00 New York / 11.00 London / 12.00 Paris / 17.00 Bangkok / 18:00 HK / 20:00 Sydney

Apr 22, 2021 »

Nordics State of the Market presenting a review of 2020 and the outlook ahead
Krista Tukiainen, Head of Research - Market Intelligence at Climate Bonds Initiative gives an update based on the findings in the Climate Bonds Nordics State of the Market. 

The EU Taxonomy Delegated Act
Sean Kidney, CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative and a member of the European Commission's Platform on Sustainable Finance. Sean was also a member of the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance and the EU High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance. 
Sean will present the outcomes of the EU Taxonomy Delegated Act and discuss the implications and possibilities it brings. Sean will also discuss the differences between the suggestions brought forward by the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance and the Delegated Act as well as how the differences will affect the Nordics.
09.30    Opening remarks by E. Derry Hubbard
                 Global Head of Primary Markets at Danske Bank
09.40    Key note presentation: Nordic State Of The Market by Krista Tukiainen
                 Head of Research - Market Intelligence at Climate Bonds Initiative
10.10     Panel discussion 1 /
                  Sustainable Bonds, insights and thoughts on the road ahead
                  Moderator Lars Mac Key, Head of DCM Sustainable Bonds Danske Bank 
                  Björn Bergstrand, Head of Sustainability at Kommuninvest
                  Kristofer Klondaris, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at Öhman
10.35      Key note presentation: EU Taxonomy Update by Sean Kidney
                   CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative
11.20      Panel discussion 2 /
                   A Nordic perspective on the implications of the EU Taxonomy Delegated Act
                   Moderator Samu Slotte, Global Head of Sustainable Finance Danske Bank
                   Sean Kidney, CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative
                   Luca De Lorenzo, Head of Sustainability and Mandate at NIB
11.55      Closing remarks
12.00      End of event

Apr 8, 2021 »

Transitioning to a zero-carbon economy remains one of the greatest challenges facing the planet, critical to ensuring we hit international targets to tackle climate change and save the natural world from irreversable degradation.

Finance has a huge role to play in this challenge. The green label is well-established and is the foundation of a climate-concious market that has been soaring in recent years. However, a serious-shot at transtition of a global economy will require efforts from all sectors, and the green label alone leaves the sustainable debt market too exclusive. Finance needs to also be targeted at higher-emmission sectors that can be steered into a green future. 

Climate Bonds Inititiative has been working to cultivate principles for a transition market since the release of the Financing Credible Transition Paper in September 2020. Reaching clear definitions on Transition Finance that are ambitious, inclusive and felxible will mobilise finance to support the campaign for a net-zero future in accordance with international targets. 

Asia-Pacific is one of the regions in the world most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. If the region continues to operate under business-as-usual, the consequences will be severe for the region’s environment and economy.

There is a pressing need for Asia-Pac governance and markets to show climate leadership. The era of transition finance can offer the solutions for the region away from emmission intensive activities.

Join us for an insightful discussion with guest speakers on the opportunity that Transition Finance poses for a sustainable future for ASEAN.

1. Mr. Vu Chi Dzung, Director-General
International Cooperation Department (ICD)
State Securities Commission of Viet Nam (SSC)
2. Ms. Emma Sri Martini, Director of Finance
PT Pertamina, Indonesia
3. Mr. Eric Nietsch, CFA, Head of ESG Asia
Manulife Investment Management
4. Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

5. Justine Leigh-Bell, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

6. Michelle Horsefield, Climate Transitions Manager, Climate Bonds Intititive