The Team




Sean Kidney


Justine Leigh-Bell

Deputy CEO, Director of Market Development

Barbara Sanderson

Director of Operations

John Northrop

Finance Director

Serena Vento

Director of Fundraising & Partnerships



Manuel Adamini

Head of Investor Engagement

Andrew Whiley

Head of Communications & Media

Rob Fowler

Training and Advisory

Matteo Bigoni

Head of Certification

Anna Creed

Head of Standards








Monica Filkova

Head of Market Intelligence

Prashant Vaze

Head of Policy and Government

Bridget Boulle

Head of Asia-Pacific

 Thatyanne Gasparotto

Head of LatAm

Olumide Lala

Africa Programme Manager




Sandeep Bhattacharya

India Project Manager

Neha Kumar

India Programme Manager

Ivy Lau

China Project Manager

Huan Shao

China Programme Manager

Wenhong Xie

China Programme Manager


Lily Dai

Policy Programme Manager

Louise Patzdorf

Marketing Communications Manager

Ujala Qadir

Standards Manager

Penny Apostolaki

Standards Manager

Katie House

Senior Research Analyst, Standards


Lionel Mok

Research Analyst, Standards

Isobel Edwards

Research Analyst, Standards

Caroline Harrison

Research Analyst, Markets

Pietro Sette

Research Analyst, Markets

Krista Tukiainen

Research Analyst, Markets


Miguel Almeida

Research Analyst, Markets

Sherry Shangguan

Intern, Markets

Carman Mak

Certfication Officer

Alan Meng

Research Analyst, Markets

Suelen Lira

Programmes & Projects Manager


Geoff Pearce

Grants Coordinator

Camille Frandon-Martinez

Research Analyst, Markets

Amanda Giorgi

Research Analyst, Markets

Leena Fatin

Communications & Media

Mariana Caminha

LATAM Communications & Media Manager


Julia Ambrosano

Brazil Stakeholder Relations

Kristiane Davidson

GIIO Program Manager

Cedric Rimaud

ASEAN Programme Manager

Leisa Cardoso de Souza

Brazil Agriculture Programme Manager

Carolina Barreto

LatAm Programme Manager


Emma Platt

Operations & HR Manager

Hannah Amusan


Deborah Rossi

Executive Assistant

Haran Siva

Australia and New Zealand Manager

Karthik Iyer

Senior Advisor, India


Alan Gordon

Senior Advisor, US

Michael Paparian

Senior Advisor, US

Luiza Mello

LatAm Communications and Media Officer

Nabilla Gunawan

Market Analyst











Che Wall

Lead Specialist, Buildings 

Dr Christine Negra

TWG Lead Specialist  









Stuart Clenaghan

Senior Fellow

Mark Fulton

Senior Fellow

Mark Burrows
Senior Advisor

Motoko Aizawa
Senior Fellow

Nick Silver
Director and Co-founder

Louis Perroy



Bob Buhr

Kristian Brüning

Dr. Alex Rau

Frank Van Gansbeke

Research Fellow




Sean Kidney, CEO and Co-founder

Sean focuses on promoting investment priorities for climate and green bonds, how governments can take advantage of the green bonds market and the development of international collaborations. 

He serves as a member of the European Commission's High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance; is co-Chair of the India Green Bonds Council; and is a member of the UK Green Finance Task Force. He has provided advice to the People's Bank of China on how to grow green bonds in China; has been a member of the Commonwealth Expert Group on Climate Finance; and has been a consultant on green bonds to the United Nations Secretary General. Sean also acts as convenor of the Green Infrastructure Investment Coalition (GIIC).

A regular speaker on climate change and finance, Sean has over the past year spoken at conferences and seminars on six continents. His background is in stakeholder communications, social change strategy and issues marketing. He was previously a marketing advisor to a number of the largest Australian pension funds, a owner of social marketing, web site development and current affairs publishing firms.

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Justine Leigh-Bell, Deputy CEO, Director of Market Development

Justine has spent much of her career helping business leaders and governments find solutions to the global challenges of climate change and sustainable development. She has provided advisory services for a number of global institutions and governments across Europe, Africa, India, Indonesia and Latin America. Her areas of focus includes sustainable development in emerging economies, climate change mitigation/adaptation strategies, climate finance, economic valuation and market based instruments for managing natural resource assets.

As Director of Market Development at Climate Bonds Initiative, Justine's primary focus is in the emerging markets where she works closely with both public and private sector actors in developing national policy guidelines and roadmaps that will enable access to green bond financing. Currently, she leads Climate Bonds Initiative’s efforts in Nigeria and the Latin American region, where market development programs are underway in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. 

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