Sustainable Bonds Due Diligence Services

Explore the breadth and depths of sustainable finance with the Climate Bonds' Sustainable Bonds Due Diligence Services. 

Through our Sustainable Bonds Due Diligence Services, our team empowers you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate, influence, and instigate change. Our services include direct access to the most comprehensive and climate relevant databases, coupled with key insights and engagement with experts in green climate finance. 



The Green Bond Database

Since 2013, the Climate Bonds Initiative has collected, assessed and provided high quality green bond data to a broad range of global market players such as indices, regulators, stock exchanges, asset managers and asset owners. The Climate Bonds Initiative Green Bond Database has unique features that make it the leading database in the sector. The Climate Bonds Green Bond Database is a comprehensive list of all labelled bonds (including Sustainability and other labels) with proceeds going to green categories issued since 2007. It is global and includes all currencies, jurisdictions and instrument sizes.