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Posted: Jan 14, 2021 by Liam Jones

Curbing climate change and market development key motivations for sovereign green, social, and sustainability (GSS) bond issuance: First of its kind analysis: Sovereign GSS bond issuers


Climate action a priority for GSS issuers

Posted: Jan 13, 2021 by Liam Jones

Inclusive- Ambitious- Global – The three common features that can shape transition investment

Posted: Jan 4, 2021 by Leena Fatin

I'm sitting on the beach at Bondi, enjoying the sand underfoot, unable to return home to the UK.

It's been a pretty tough year for most of the world.

We've learnt some sharp lessons, including:

  1. It's critical to listen to the scientists. And listen early. 
  2. If tough measures are called for, policymakers should take them now. Delay courts disaster. 

It's been a bitter time. Listening to scientists has saved untold lives - and saved economies, from Australia to South Korea. Not listening has had the opposite result. 


Posted: Dec 22, 2020 by Liam Jones

Year ends on a $trillion climate high – But COVID challenge looms large

Whilst governments’ focus in 2020 has rightly been on COVID19, the year also saw a significant ramping up on the fight against climate change, hitting the $1Trillion milestone in cumulative green bond investment early this December. But the most welcome elephant in the room, (or perhaps goodbye GOP elephant, welcome Dem donkey) is the upcoming Biden presidency.

Posted: Dec 15, 2020 by Liam Jones

Goal of reaching $trillions in annual global issuance remains

The green finance market has reached its most substantial milestone yet, with USD 1.002 trillion in cumulative issuance since market inception in 2007, according to the Climate Bonds Green Bond Database. The milestone was passed in early December. 

Posted: Dec 14, 2020 by Leena Fatin

A empresa é emissora do primeiro título verde no Brasil certificado de acordo com o critério de energia solar. E outros mais vêm aí!

Posted: Dec 9, 2020 by Luiza Mello

The full Conf2020 program is now available online including translations in Spanish Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian with just one click!

Over 3000 people gathered online in September to discuss Green Transition, the Opportunity of the Decade.

Posted: Dec 9, 2020 by Liam Jones

Leadership in Asia: Support for SDGs: Assistance from ADB: Twin Climate Bonds Certifications: Low Carbon Transport  

The Kingdom of Thailand has concluded 2020 with a tap of its sovereign green issuance, a follow up from its inaugural THB 30 billion (USD 944.88 million) sustainability bond deal in August. The new THB20bn November issuance has been immediately allocated towards the construction of Bangkok's Mass Rapid Transit Orange East Line. The first phase of the line is due to become operational in 2024. 

Posted: Nov 22, 2020 by Liam Jones

Boost for Best Practice in Green Investment- Cumulative Issuance passes $150bn