Financing Credible Transitions - A Climate Bonds / Credit Suisse Project

How to ensure the transition label has impact- A joint Climate Bonds & Credit Suisse Whitepaper 


  1. Transition Feature: Inclusive
  2. Transition Feature: Ambition
  3. Transition Feature: Flexible



Latest Webinar, 30th Nov: Building a market for green transitions

Event speakers: Adam Matthews, Church of England Pensions Board; Anna Creed, Climate Bonds; Marissa Drew, Credit Suisse; Stephen Liberatore, Nuveen & Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds.

Conference 2020 Session, 8th Sep: 
A Path Forward For Transition Finance
Marisa Drew, Credit Suisse & Sean Kidney, from Climate Bonds were hosted by Bloomberg television's Francine Lacqua on the launch session of the new transition framework during the Conference 2020.




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This Whitepaper presents a framework for identifying credible transitions aligned with the Paris Agreement
This paper has two purposes:
1. Define transition as a concept by presenting a starting point for the market to see a credible brown to green transition as ambitious, inclusive and aligned with the Paris Agreement (thereby avoiding greenwash).
2. Put forward a framework for use of the transition label in practice and propose clearly demarcated roles for both a green and a transition label.



Financing Credible Transitions:  4 Page Summary Note







5 Core Principles for an ambitious transition

Transition flow for entities 

Transition flow for activities



Multiple pathways to achieve Paris goals and the SDGs








A flexible framework applicable to whole entities and everything that they do










An inclusive framework promoting an economy-wide transition









Who should use the transition label and how?