China Green Bond Market 2016

 This report, which was produced jointly by Climate Bonds and China Central Depository & Clearing Co. Ltd. (CCDC), provides a detailed analysis of the:

  • Characteristics of the domestic green bond market in China, according to green definitions from both the PBOC’s Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue and the international Climate Bonds Taxonomy (with charts)
  • Growing role of corporate issuers and diversity of bond structure, for example green ABS and green covered bond
  • Green bond market infrastructure and verification tools available
  • Major policy developments of the last year, from the launch of the PBOC’s announcement on green bond guidelines in December 15 to the establishment of the G20 Green Finance Study Group (GFSG)


Green Bonds Policy: Highlights from 2016

Our policy team's roundup of  green bonds public sector action over the past year and major developments we look forward to seeing in 2017.

Top five green bond policy developments 2016:

  1. Green bonds seen as a key tool to implement national climate change targets (NDCs)
  2. Sovereign green bond programmes established
  3. Country-level action taking off
  4. Innovative green bond policy tools are on the table
  5. Increased international collaboration on green finance and green bonds: G20, FSB and EC
Green Bonds Highlights 2016

Climate Bonds 2016 highlights: The big issuers: The big numbers: The trends that count and the 2017 forecast

A maturing of the green bonds market, diversification across issuers, products and use of proceeds are the main trends identified in our Green Bonds Highlights 2016 summary. 

Study of China's Local Government Policy Instruments for Green Bonds

This report is jointly released by SynTao Green Finance and Climate Bonds Initiative at China's Green Finance Committee Annual Conference in April 2017. It provides an overview of local government policy instruments for developing green bond market in China with further recommendations. 

The Role of Exchanges in Accelerating the Growth of the Green Bond Market

The Climate Bonds Initiative has released the Discussion Paper: The Role of Exchanges in Accelerating the Growth of Green Bond Market jointly with Luxembourg Green Exchange. We are now seeking feedback from exchanges around the world before the final version is released in mid-May.


Download the report here.


Report summary: