Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Australia and New Zealand

Investing in green infrastructure helps Australia and New Zealand to reach their current climate targets and the potential ratchet up of international emissions goals. 

Significantly increasing capital flows into green infrastructure will spur innovation, broaden the economic base, reduce urban congestion, improve the liveability of cities and support sustainable economic development and social well-being.

The Green Infrastructure Investment Australia & New Zealand (GIIO) report highlights green infrastructure investment opportunities in Australia and New Zealand identifying projects and assets that could be considered green.  

The sample reference case studies presented in the report is not exhaustive – rather a snap shot of the different types of opportunities available in the short and medium-term future. 

A more comprehensive list of over 400 green infrastructure investment opportunities is available to download here.

It has been prepared to help meet the growing demand for green investment opportunities – including green bonds – as well as to support the two countries’ respective transition to low-carbon economies.


Download the full report here.

The GIIO Australia & New Zealand aims to facilitate greater engagement on these topics between project owners and developers, and institutional investors including asset managers and superannuation funds. 

Green finance instruments and trends are explored in the report, with sector-by-sector green infrastructure investment opportunities presented in reference case studies. 

The report finds that Australia and New Zealand have the potential to be regional leaders in green infrastructure delivery. Both governments have the capacity and economic conditions to develop a medium-term sequential pipeline of green investment opportunities. Their financial sectors are well positioned to develop and subsequently export green finance expertise. 

Robust green domestic markets would see Australia in particular poised to become a significant source of expertise and capital flow into the region, responding to opportunity, as ASEAN nations shift towards green finance to help meet their intertwined national-development, energy, emissions and climate goals. 

GIIO Australia & New Zealand is part of a research series which commenced with the Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Indonesia report in May 2018. More reports investigating green infrastructure investment opportunities in SE Asian nations and other regions are planned for 2019-2020. 

August 2018

Download the full report here.


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