Post-issuance reporting in the green bond market

Post-issuance reporting on use of proceeds (UoP) is a core component of the Green Bond Principles (GBP) and the Green Loan Principles (GLP). It is also recommended that issuers report on the environmental impacts of funded projects. Post-issuance disclosure provides transparency, ensures accountability and underpins the credibility of green bonds and loans. As the market grows, so does interest in UoP and impact reporting to inform investor analysis and decision-making processes.

10 best practice reporting recommendations
1.   Make information easy to find.
2.   Provide comprehensive reporting.
3.   Report regularly and consistently.
4.   Display information clearly with graphics, benchmarks, comments.
5.   Obtain post-issuance external reviews to confirm allocations and verify impact disclosure.
6.   UoP: Disclose the funded projects, both at- and post-issuance.
7.   Impacts: Disclose methodologies and specify if metrics are estimated or measured.
8.   Impacts: Report absolute emissions reductions and relative to a specified benchmark level.
9.   Impacts: Provide project-level reporting with bond and programme-level summaries.
10. Deliver on reporting commitment.
A report summary is available here.