Green bonds market summary - H1 2019

H1 2019 highlight figures:

Labelled green bond issuance: USD117.8bn (up 48% on H1 2018) 

Non-financial corporates lead with 26% of volume, followed by financial corporates at 19% of H1 issuance

Emerging markets make up nearly a fifth (19%) of issuance with China’s lead  

Sovereign green bond issuance growing: 3 new issuers enter the market bringing total to 12. The Dutch and Chilean governments issue Certified Climate Bonds

Total labelled issuance of USD145.4bn, including:

  • USD12.3bn sustainability/SDG/ESG bonds and loans financing green and social projects
  • USD5.7bn social bonds financing social projects
  • USD11.9bn additional bonds, which do not meet the CBI green bond database screening criteria


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