Australia Green Finance State of the Market 2019

Australia green finance state of the market 2019 update calculates Australia cumulative green bond issuance to 30 June: AUD15.6bn, 10th in cumulative global country rankings, 3rd in the Asia-Pacific region behind China (USD91.5bn) and Japan (USD12.4bn).

Annual 2018 issuance: AUD6.0bn (2017: AUD3.3bn), 9th in 2018 annual global country rankings 

H1 2019 issuance: AUD3.9bn. Market growth expected from corporates and state governments

State of the Market puts forward a number of policy considerations for the 2020s including: 

  • Repeat Sub Sovereign issuance from state-based Treasury Corporations to advance infrastructure, resilience, congestion and emissions goals and act as a signal to markets and potential issuers. 
  • Building sustainability into the financial system including implementing recommendations from ASFI and measures to promote green finance and brown to green transition. 
  • Increased support for domestic green bonds and green infrastructure investment from the superannuation sector and stronger focus by the government on green finance opportunities in the Asia-Pacific. 

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