Sovereign Green, Social, and Sustainability Bond Survey

Sovereign green, social, and sustainability (GSS) bonds contribute to strategic government initiatives surrounding climate, catalyzing local green finance markets and attracting new investors. These and other findings are contained in a first of its kind survey undertaken by Climate Bonds.

Sponsored by HSBC, the ‘Sovereign Green, Social, and Sustainability Bond Survey’ was carried out during late 2020 to aggregate and assess the experiences of sovereign GSS bond issuers and their role in market growth.

This report has been prepared to assess the increasing benefits of sovereign GSS investment and showcase the opportunities this has for national governments to harness capital and reach strategic climate targets.  It aims to facilitate greater understanding on this topic by sharing the experiences of those involved in issuing these instruments.

This survey covers 97% of sovereign issuance with 19 out of 22 issuers participating in the project by sharing their experiences of issuing GSS bonds: eight from Developed Markets (DM) and 11 from Emerging Markets (EM).

绿色、社会和可 持续主权债券: 发展贴标债券市 场的中坚力量

Webinar launch Sovereign Green, Social & Sustainability bonds Survey: The ultimate power to transform the market


Produced with the kind support of HSBC.