India Country Briefing - July 2018

India Country Briefing - July 2018

Total Indian green bond issuance: USD6.5bn, 11th in global country rankings

Green bond market growth expected from Energy, Transport and Building sectors as well as ABS. 

Key takeaways:

  • Public and private corporates are driving issuance
  • Renewable energy dominates use of proceeds
  • Top issuers account for 64% of the deal volume
  • 47% of Indian green bond issuance is Certified Climate Bonds
  • Climate-aligned issuance is primarily from pure-play companies in renewable energy and rail transport sectors
  • Renewable energy, which benefits from a clear policy thrust, is expected to see a stream of further issuance
  • Growth in the green bond market is expected in the transport and building sectors
  • Green securitisation represents further potential for market growth

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