Japan - Green finance state of the market 2018 | 2018年グリーンファイナンス市場動向

Japan green finance state of the market 2018 is a detailed overview of the Japanese green bond market. It analyses the developments in the private and public sector for industries with green growth prospects, including low carbon property, transport, forestry and paper and manufacturing. It also identifies climate-aligned issuers and public sector issuers that are already financing green assets.

Key Figures

  • Total cumulative green bond issuance stands at USD9.7bn (10thin global country ratings) 
  • Japan is the 2ndlargest Asia Pacific market after China
  • 2018 annual issuance was at USD4.1bn, 22% increase on 2017 figures. 
  • The 2018 annual total issuance figure places Japan the 12thon the world issuance ranking table, and contributing 42% of cumulative issuance since green bond market inception by Development Bank of Japan in 2014
  • Over a third of cumulative use of proceeds has been allocated to green buildings.
  • 91% of all green bonds have an external review 
  • EUR denominated bonds are the most popular currency at 45% of issuance followed by USD at 28% and JPY at 26%, 
  • Benchmark size deals of USD500m or more, and equivalent comprise less than a quarter of bond count but almost 64% two thirds of issuance.