Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market H1 2021

Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market H1 2021 is the 12th iteration in the series and monitors the performance of 56 EUR and 19 USD denominated benchmark size green bonds with a total value of USD75.9bn issued between January and June 2021. 


Highlights from Q1-Q2 2021

  • Report includes 75 green bonds with a combined face value of USD75.9bn 
  • Continuing evidence supporting green as 29 out of 36 bonds price on curves or with a greenium
  • Green bonds in both EUR and USD performed well on all metrics in the primary market, on average 
  • Allocations to green investors increased by a massive 18% reaching 66%
  • The Sovereign Green Bond Club: four issuers added six new bonds          
  • Spotlight: Green bond liquidity in the secondary market