New Zealand green bonds and infrastructure 2019

Despite New Zealand’s small size and population, it has emerged as a global leader on climate action with its aggressive policies and ambitious climate targets. New Zealand’s green financial market is adopting global best practice to shift New Zealand to a financial system that supports sustainable social, environmental and economic wellbeing. 

The existing green bond market in New Zealand is small but has momentum. The green loans market is also another area of promising growth in New Zealand. The report states New Zealand’s cumulative green and sustainability debt issuance is at NZD3.8bn as of 30 June 2019.

The report emphasises the potential for capital projects to support the growing population and aging infrastructure while supporting emissions reduction goals and building resilience. It builds on the 2018 report and identifies a pipeline over 80 projects across renewable energy, clean transport, sustainable water, waste management and low carbon buildings. 

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