EuroPACE 2.3 - Refinancing EuroPACE loans in the European Fixed Income Market

“EuroPACE” is a project funded by the European Commission which seeks to boost energy efficiency investments for buildings in Europe. The project has been developed by a number of NGOs and organisations known as the EuroPACE Consortium. As a member of the EuroPACE Consortium, the Climate Bonds Initiative has worked on a series of deliverables designed to support the uptake of the programme.

Task 2.3 evaluates refinancing options for energy efficiency loans in four countries selected by the Consortium: Spain, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands. The research draws from examples found in the green bond market and provides a global overview on bond structures used to finance low-carbon buildings. The report also evaluates bond structures which best suit market conditions of the four pre-selected countries. Finally, further considerations around lending principles are provided with the objective of creating standardisation around contracts for energy efficiency loans.

Download the full report here