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Posted: Feb 11, 2023

European Commission announces new Platform on Sustainable Finance
Usability focus is key to unlock the potential of the EU Taxonomy

This week, the European Commission announced the members of the new Platform on Sustainable Finance, including Climate Bonds.

European Commission announces new platform on Sustainable Finance, including Climate Bonds
Posted: Feb 4, 2023
Feb Events Blog: From Tokyo to Bratislava to Punta del Este. See below how you can stay connected with us!
Posted: Jan 31, 2023


Resilience, SLB standards, sovereign issuance & transition tipping-point all in the mix for 2023  

Climate Bonds’ Market Intelligence has revealed Green, Social, Sustainability, Sustainability-linked and transition bonds (GSS+) issuance held its market share despite a difficult year for fixed-income markets, in which GSS+ volumes fell year-on- year for the first time in a decade.

2022 Market Snapshot: And 5 big directions for sustainable finance in 2023
Posted: Jan 21, 2023


A call for ambitious building decarbonisation measures in Europe

Buildings account for over a third of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions; the International Energy Agency estimates that 38% of the emission reductions we need to achieve by 2050 will have to come from the built environment.

Yet to date, making Europe’s buildings more energy efficient has been painfully slow. Most of the gains so far have been delivered through technological efficiencies – mainly more efficient boilers, switching to LED lighting and smarter heating controls.

Climate Bonds calls for ambitious decarbonisation of the European buildings sector
Posted: Jan 20, 2023

A new umbrella Standard, Entity level & SLB Certification, focus on Heavy Industry & Agri-Food Systems: An ambitious transition programme for 2023 


At a Glance

Building on the 2022 platform of extensive policy guidance, new industry standards and an expansion in criteria and certification avenues for investors will be the foundation of Climate Bonds transition programme for the year ahead.


Driving Green Investment - Climate Bonds 2023 Transition Programme
Posted: Jan 9, 2023

January Events Blog – From Germany to Belgium to Cyprus. See below how you can stay connected with us!
Posted: Dec 22, 2022


Climate Bonds commences work on Agri-Food transitions Criteria Development – Crop and livestock production
Posted: Nov 30, 2022



From Mexico to India to Malaysia: While our staff will not be speaking at these in-person events, they will still be appearing. 

Dec Events: CBI Nth America conference in NYC / Sust Inv Forum Sao Paulo / LatAm Sustainability for Financial Institutions Mexico / OECD-TCX Conf Paris
Posted: Nov 30, 2022

US$ 3,5 trilhões em emissão acumulada de títulos verdes, sociais, de sustentabilidade, vinculados à sustentabilidade e rotulados de transição

Dados de inteligência de mercado da Climate Bonds revelaram que US$ 2 trilhões em títulos verdes foram emitidos até o momento. Ao contrário de outros base de dados sobre títulos verdes, a Climate Bonds rastreia títulos auto-rotulados emitidos globalmente e inclui em seu Banco de Dados apenas emissões que demonstram ambição climática alinhada com o Acordo de Paris.

Títulos verdes atingem 2 trilhões de dólares
Posted: Nov 29, 2022

USD$ 3.5 billones en emisión total de bonos verdes, sociales, de sostenibilidad, vinculados a la sostenibilidad y con etiqueta de transición hasta la fecha

La Inteligencia de Mercado de Climate Bonds Initiative reveló que hasta la fecha se han emitido USD$2 billones en bonos verdes. A diferencia de otros conjuntos de datos sobre bonos verdes, Climate Bonds rastrea los bonos auto-etiquetados emitidos a nivel mundial e incluye en su Base de Datos solo emisiones que demuestran ambición climática en línea con el Acuerdo de París.

El mercado de Bonos Verdes alcanza un hito de US$2 billones al final del tercer trimestre de 2022