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Posted: Nov 23, 2022

The amount will be used to finance low-carbon rail transport


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Agricultural Bank of China issues CNY20bn in green financial bonds Certified by the Climate Bonds Standards Board
Posted: Nov 21, 2022

Over the past months, Climate Bonds has been working with our partners at CPI and RMI to create guidelines for credible coal phase out projects in an effort to facilitate the rapid transition to clean energy globally. The draft guidelines are now available for public consultation on RMI’s website here. We welcome your comments and feedback. You can read more about the draft guidelines in the blog below, produced in conjunction with RMI and CPI.


How to Finance a Credible Coal Transition — New guidelines address the reputational risks of financing the transition of coal plants

How to Finance a Credible Coal Transition — Joint effort from RMI, CPI, and Climate Bonds seeks to facilitate credible coal phase outs
Posted: Nov 15, 2022

Low carbon hydrogen will play a key role in decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors and transitioning the economy to a net-zero future. 

Climate Bonds is working to ensure that investors can identify credible projects in the hydrogen industry, and to mobilise capital towards rapid decarbonisation of the high-emitting sectors. 

Beginning today, Climate Bonds Certification is available for Hydrogen Production Projects and Entities.

Energy Transition gears up for credible investment in Hydrogen Production — Now available for Climate Bonds Standard & Certification
Posted: Nov 9, 2022

USD3.5trn in total issuance across Green, Social, Sustainability, Sustainability-Linked and Transition labelled bonds to date

Green Bond Market Hits USD2tn Milestone at end of Q3 2022
Posted: Nov 6, 2022


Climate Bonds announces ambitious global resilience programme ahead of COP27


Building resilience in the age of volatility
Posted: Oct 31, 2022

Climate Bonds Initiative will be in Sharm El-Sheikh from November 6-18 


Our team will be speaking at the following events (all times EET): 

09/11, 10:00:  HSBC, World Green Economy Organization (WGEO), London School of Economics, and Accenture: Just Transition in Emerging Economies, Hall A, Green Zone

Find us at COP27
Posted: Oct 27, 2022


November Events Blog: COP27; Reuters, Sustainability Reporting & Communications Europe 2022; Climate Bonds Regional Seminar Latin America & Caribbean; 4th Sustainable Finance Course; Expo Negocios Inmobiliarios and much more!
Posted: Oct 19, 2022

Cumulative issuance under the Climate Bonds Standard has surpassed USD254bn in 2022, establishing a new milestone for international best practice in green investment

Certified debt instruments have now been issued by over 260 issuers across 50 countries, helping to establish green market investment standards and harmonised definitions in multiple jurisdictions in both developed and emerging economies.

$254bn Certified green bonds under Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme: Transition Criteria now available for Certification: Next, SLBs and Structural Expansion for Certification Corporations at Full Entity-Level
Posted: Oct 18, 2022

Today Climate Bonds announced the expansion of the Climate Bonds Standard into the basic chemicals industry, bringing clarity and credibility to transition investments to the hard-to-abate sector.

The launch of criteria for the basic chemicals sector marks a significant turning point in the global effort to transition high-emitting industries to net-zero and bring them in line with climate targets.

Basic Chemicals Criteria now available for certification: a further step towards heavy industry and entity transition
Posted: Oct 18, 2022


Climate Bonds ha anunciado hoy la ampliación del Estándar de Climate Bonds a la industria química básica, aportando claridad y credibilidad a las inversiones de transición  del sector de la industria pesada..

El lanzamiento de los criterios para el sector de los productos químicos básicos marca un punto de inflexión importante en el esfuerzo global hacia la transición de las industrias de altas emisiones a net-zero y para que estén en línea con los objetivos climáticos.

Los Criterios Básicos sobre Productos Químicos ya están disponibles para su certificación: un paso más hacia la transición de la industria pesada y sus empresas