Building Resilience Taxonomy


New Report into a resilience Taxonomy to Channel Trillions into Projects to Defend against Climate Impact

Climate Bonds has pioneered a taxonomy-based approach in sustainable finance over the last decade and turns its attention to resilience investment pipelines in the face of the climate challenge ahead.

Climate Bonds has launched a new White Paper with the UNDRR to begin an ambitious journey hoping to unveil resilience investment pipelines to climate proof global infrastructure and help channel the necessary financing to these ends. Read the report here: 

We hope to see resilience investment being ramped up over the coming years and begin our journey by collaborating with experts to help us navigate the future of this vital project.


What is Resilience?

‘Resilience’ is defined as: ‘the capacity of interconnected social, economic and ecological systems to cope with a hazardous event, trend or disturbance, responding or reorganizing in ways that maintain their essential function, identity and structure’.

Sixth Assessment Report on Climate Change published by the IPCC, approximately 3.3 to 3.6bn people live in settings that are highly vulnerable to climate change as ecosystems and people are becoming increasingly exposed to severe climate hazards (IPCC, 2022).

The White Paper sets out 7 climate resilience systemic themes: 1. Resilient Agri-Food systems; 2. Resilient Cities 3. Resilient Health 4. Resilient Infrastructure 5. Resilient Industry & Commerce 6. Resilient Nature & Biodiversity 7. Resilient Societies.

Through these climate resilience themes, the paper sets out the initial scope of a climate resilience pipeline, enabling enable investors and companies to identify resilience opportunities. The launch also calls for proposals and collaboration.


Calling All Colloborators

Climate Bonds, we firmly believe that achieving our mission requires collaborative efforts. In this spirit, we extend a special invitation to industry experts, scientists, and academics to join our esteemed working groups. Experts with a genuine passion for resilience are invited to contribute their knowledge to this vital project by submitting the below form: