Dec Events: CBI Nth America conference in NYC / Sust Inv Forum Sao Paulo / LatAm Sustainability for Financial Institutions Mexico / OECD-TCX Conf Paris



From Mexico to India to Malaysia: While our staff will not be speaking at these in-person events, they will still be appearing. 

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Responding to the continuous demand for Green Bond expertise, Climate Bonds Training Academy will be bringing you various new programmes soon! 

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We are delighted to announce #ClimateBondsCONNECT2022!

As climate impacts batter communities on all continents, scientists agree: we are in a climate emergency and the window of opportunity to align our economies to a safer 1.5-degree pathway is closing fast.

We're living the era of volatility, but there is hope. The labelled bond market topped $200bn in the first quarter of 2022! Institutional investors are taking the lead in cutting emissions and building resilience in communities to protect them from the impacts of climate change. We need to act now! We CAN change our future by reaching the #5TrillionBy2025 goal.

The next event of our series is the North America Regional Seminar on December 8th in New York!

Join the conversation on how the #SustainableFinance market can facilitate a rapid, complete transition to a green future.




Mexico City: 1 December - Climate Bonds Regional Seminar Latin America & Caribbean 

Malaysia: 2 December - 10:55 (MYT) | Sustainability-linked Sukuk Conference, Securities Commission Malaysia - External Review in Transition Finance - Speaker 

*organised by the Securities Commission Malaysia and World Bank Group

Hong Kong: 2 December - 11:35 (HKT) | UNESCAP and WGO - 'UN Sustainable Investing & ESG Conference', Asia Pacific Green Deal - Development of Sustainable Financial Instrument - Speaker

India: 2 December - 11:15 (IST) | 'Green Affordable Housing Eco-system in India' - Policy advocacy for green affordable housing - Speaker 

*IIFL in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank

Mexico City:  2 December - 14:15 (CST) |  Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA) - Central Banks Conference on Environmental Risks Macroeconomic and financial implications of climate change: How can central banks take immediate action in addressing climate-related risk? - 'Sustainable Finance Taxonomies: A framework to facilitate low-emission and climate-resilient investment in Latin America and the Caribbean' - Speaker

China: 6 December - 15:55 (Beijing Time) | Climate Bonds Initiative/UKPACT - SIF Transition Finance Forum - Transition Finance: Opportunities and Risk Management - Keynote

New York: 8 December | Climate Bonds Regional Seminar North America 

Bangladesh: 13 December | 'Setting the Vision for Sustainable and Affordable Housing in Bangladesh' - Financing and Policy Advocacy - Speaker 

*organised by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Housing and Building Research Institute (HBRI), Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Bangladesh

Global:  13 December: 13:30 GMT / 08:30 ET | Climate Bonds Initiative, Climate Policy Initiative, and RMI - Webinar: 'Guidelines for Financing a Credible Coal Transition'

Paris: 14 December - 13:00 CET | OECD-TCX Conference - Financial Resilience in Low Income Countries. How can development lenders better protect borrowers from unsustainable debt levels on the way to net-zero? - 'Rethinking Concessionality to Ramp Up Sustainable Finance in Local Currency' - Moderator

Global: 15 December | CDPQ/UNPRI - NZAOA presentation




LatAm: December 12 - 10:00 (Mexico Time) | Latin America: FInsight: Sustainability for Financial Institutions – Speaker



Brazil: December 6 – 14:00 (ET) | Amazonia Rising: 2nd Global Summit on investing in the Amazon – Amazon Investor Coalition - Speaker

More events to come in January           

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