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Online & In-person Events

In the wake of COVID-19 we have taken all our upcoming events onto online platforms of Webinars and Podcasts. Details are under Climate Bonds Connected and also below in our Events schedule.

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Apr 12, 2022 »

China has set ambitious targets of reaching carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, and meeting these objectives requires large scale of capital. Green bonds are an accepted and broadly standardized tool that can help direct capital flows to low carbon assets and projects, and contribute to meeting China’s climate goals.
This webinar will highlight key takeaways from the China Investor Survey, conducted by Climates Bonds Initiative and SynTao Green Finance to determine investor attitudes to green bonds and establish what is needed for the Chinese market to develop further.
Please join us for a live interactive webinar, where speakers will provide their views on challenges and opportunities in scaling up the Chinese green and sustainable bond market. The panel brings together different perspectives from exchanges, investors, issuers and service providers.

Moderator: Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
Guest speakers:

- Julien Martin, Managing Director, Head of Emerging Business Development Markets, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
- Olivier Ménard, Head of Green & Sustainable Hub – Asia Pacific, Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking
- Dr. Peiyuan Guo, CEO, SynTao
- Norbert Ling, ESG Credit Portfolio Manager, Invesco Fixed Income Asia Pacific
- Manshu Deng, Research Manager of the China Programme, Climate Bonds Initiative


Apr 6, 2022 »

The Basic Chemicals Criteria lay out the requirements that Basic Chemicals production asset, projects must meet to be eligible for inclusion in a Certified Climate Bond and for companies on a credible transition path to issue transition labelled debt. The Criteria contain Mitigation Requirements, Adaptation & Resilience Requirements and Transition Requirements. Bonds and loans linked to these eligible assets and projects will be aligned with the Paris Agreement 1.5 degree celsius limit.

Public consultation is scheduled for launch with this webinar and will last for 60 days.

Moderator: Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

- Marian Rodriguez, Sustainability Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Elias Martínez, Technical Lead Basic Chemicals Criteria
- Fredric Bauer, Associate senior lecturer in Technology and society; Researcher at the division on Environmental and Energy Systems Studies, Lund University.
- Kristin Marshall, Senior Research Associate at Lux Research

Apr 4, 2022 »

The Russia Ukraine war has triggered both a policy shift towards clean energy independence and debate around a longer life span for fossil fuels in the global energy mix. Will the crisis extend fossil fuel dependency? Or will policy makers double down on energy security through renewables?

A Special Webinar Event from Global NGOs.

Using IPR forecast policy scenarios (FPS), Carbon Tracker oil and gas industry analysis and Climate Bonds market data this special webinar event for investors and policy makers will assess the current uncertainties and political responses against long term trends in climate policy, green finance and energy transition.

Kavita Srinivasan, Senior Manager, Vivid Economics

Mark Fulton, Project Director, Inevitable Policy Response (IPR)
Catharina Hillenbrand von der Neyen, Head of Research, Carbon Tracker
Bo Lidegaard, Co-founder & Partner Kaya Group
Sean Kidney , CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

Mar 30, 2022 »
The 13th iteration of a leading series Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market, analyses pricing dynamics of green bonds, examining how these instruments offer pricing advantages for investors and issuers alike. 

We will present the findings of this latest paper that follows with a panel discussion of issuers such as the Spanish Treasury and Smurfit Kappa Group and investors like Lyxor ETF, Amundi Group of their experience of issuing green bonds, market performance and pricing benefits as reported in this research.

Moderator: David Furey, Head of Fixed Income Strategists EMEA, SSGA


- Francois Millet, Head of Strategy and ESG, Lyxor ETF, Amundi Group

- Emer Murnane, Assistant Group Treasurer, Smurfit Kappa Group

- Javier Asdrúbal de Benito Cháfer, Senior Adivisor, Spanish Treasury

- Caroline Harrison, Senior research analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative


Support and funding for this paper were provided by Lyxor, IFC, and SSGA
Mar 30, 2022 »

The EU Platform on Sustainable Finance presents the New criteria for all six taxonomy objectives. This webinar is supported by the European Investment Bank and the Climate Bonds Initiative.

This report brings forwards New Criteria for the remaining four environmental objectives of the EU Taxonomy. These criteria address objectives for biodiversity, pollution, circular economy and water, and further extend the scope of the taxonomy beyond just climate and to a wider set of economic activities.

- Nathan Fabian - Chairperson at European Platform on Sustainable Finance
- Ben Allen - Director of Research, Institute for European Environmental Policy 
- Marzia Traverso - Rapporteur of Technical Working Group for the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance
- Michiel De Smet - Sustainable Investment Expert at the National Bank of Belgium 
- Linda Romanovska - Independent Expert member, EU Platform on Sustainable Finance


Mar 28, 2022 »

The Climate Bonds Initiative and CIB Research, with the support of UK PACT, will co-host an online webinar on sustainable debt market development in China on Monday, March 28, 2022, from 15:00 to 17:00 BST.

The webinar will focus on green bonds and sustainable bond standards, and the following reports will be launched at the webinar:

- China’s Growing Sustainable Debt Market - RAPID GROWTH DELIVERS IMPACTS

- The Green Finance Case for China’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition

- China Green Finance Policy Analysis Report 2021

- China Green Bond Market Post-issuance Reporting


1.Sean Kidney, CEO Climate Bonds Initiative
2.Peiyuan Guo, CEO Syntao
3.Zhengwei LU, Chief Economist, China Industrial Bank 
4.Lihua Qian, Chief Green Finance Researcher, Executive Director, CIB Research 
5.Bolu Wang, Green Finance Research Centre, National Institute of Finance, Tsinghua University 
6.Valentina Wu, SynTao Finance 
7.Miguel Almeida, Research Manager, Climate Bonds Initiative
8.Wenhong Xie, Head of China Programmes, Climate Bonds Initiative

The event will be held in both Chinese and English, with simultaneous English and Chinese translation.

Mar 28, 2022 »

The EU Platform on Sustainable Finance presents the Extended Environmental Taxonomy (SG3), previously known as the "Significant Harm Taxonomy". This webinar is supported by the European Investment Bank and the Climate Bonds Initiative.

- Nathan Fabian - Chair of EU platform on Sustainable Finance - Principles for Responsible Investment
- Nancy Saich - Rapporteur of Platform Subgroup 3 - European Investment Bank
- Helena Viñes Fiestas - Commissioner of the Spanish Financial Markets’ Authority
- Jörg Ladwein - Regional Chief investment office bei Allianz Group

Mar 17, 2022 »

The objective of this webinar is to investigate the particularities of the development of various green and social taxonomies around the world, including Latin America. The webinar will be in Spanish and translated to English.

Mar 10, 2022 »

Latin America and Caribbean (LAC): State of The Market 2021 is the second detailed analysis of the LAC green finance market, the first one was launched in 2019. The report was supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Download the report here.

Feb 28, 2022 »

The proposed EU Social Taxonomy will be crucial in helping the finance sector to make best-practice investment decisions with regard to social values.

The development of EU standards for climate change and mitigation are well progressed, and as environmental, social and governance (ESG) gradually come to the fore of investment decision making, a similar guidance for social activities is also needed.

The social taxonomy recommendation is pioneering in its efforts to embed internationally agreed norms like the international bill of human rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in European investment guidance.

This exciting webinar is brought to you by the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance. For over a year and a half the group has worked on the social taxonomy and is presenting its report findings on the 28th of February 2022. The panel is decorated with experts from the financial industry, trade unions and the corporate sector:

- Nathan Fabian - Chief Responsible Investment Officer at PRI; Chairperson at European Platform on Sustainable Finance

- Antje Schneeweiss - Working Group of Church Investors, General Secretary

- Marco Cilento - European Trade Union Confederation, Head of Institutional Policy

- Victor van Hoorn - Eurosif, Executive Director

- Marcel Roy - European Association of Public Banks, Secretary General

- Jan Noterdaeme - CSR Europe, Senior Advisor