Credible Transition in the Steel Industry: Climate Bonds Standard expands to the steel sector

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Event date: 
Jun 23, 2022
Event time: 
2pm London / 3pm Paris

Climate Bonds Initiative is delighted to invite you to a webinar which will give investors an exclusive look at Climate Bonds’ new draft criteria for the steel sector. Speakers will share important insights as we continue our expansion in hard to abate industries and also provide context for the public consultation process that will be kicked off at the same time.

The Steel Criteria will form part of the Climate Bonds Standard and provide a succinct set of decision rules for determining when steel projects and assets are compatible with a low carbon, climate resilient economy, and are eligible for Certification under the Climate Bonds Standard.

Steel production is responsible for 7-9% of global CO2 emissions and the demand for steel is expected to increase 40% by 2050. The financial sector will play a critical role in financing credible efforts to decarbonise the steel sector and bring it in line with 1.5°C pathways.

- Fabiana Contreras, Industry Transition Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Ali Hasanbeigi, Founder and CEO, Global Efficiency Intelligence, Steel criteria Technical Consultant.
- Max Åhman, Associate Professor and Head of Division, Environmental and Energy Systems Studies at Lund University
- Erik van Doezum, Director and Steel Lead, Metals, Mining & Fertilizers EMEA Division at ING.
- Anna Creed, Head of Standards, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

Event sponsors: 
Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)
Event speakers: 
Ali Hasanbeigi
Anna Creed
Erik van Doezum
Fabiana Contreras
Max Åhman