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Online & In-person Events

In the wake of COVID-19 we have taken all our upcoming events onto online platforms of Webinars and Podcasts. Details are under Climate Bonds Connected and also below in our Events schedule.

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Jul 4, 2022 »
Climate Bonds Initiative and China Central Depository & Clearing Co. Ltd Research Center, with the support of HSBC, published the China Green Bond Market Report 2021 on 21 June.
2021 marked the first year after China announced the country’s targets for carbon dioxide to peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 (30·60 targets). It was also the first year of the nation’s fourteenth Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025). The country’s action to expedite carbon emission reduction was reflected in the vast expansion of its green bond market during the year. 
China is very likely to reach its carbon peaking goal before 2030. The momentum seen in its 2021 green bond market will continue to support that, backed by strong regulatory directives and high investor demand.  
The webinar speakers will review and provide an outlook on the Chinese green bond market, focusing on the policy and market forces required to ensure further orderly and credible expansion. 
The webinar will be conducted in Chinese with simultaneous translation.
Jun 30, 2022 »

UNDP and Climate Bonds Initiative invite you to join the launch webinar for their new report: Linking Global Finance to Small-Scale Clean Energy: Financial Aggregation for Distributed Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

The report focuses on the potential of financial aggregation in enabling global capital markets to finance distributed renewable energy (for residential and other uses) in developing countries. It explores the state of small-scale, low-carbon energy in developing countries as well as the barriers to financial aggregation, along with some proposed solutions and key considerations for market practitioners. The focus is predominantly on Sub-Saharan Africa, but the findings are broadly applicable to all developing regions, especially those with underdeveloped financial markets.

The report results from a collaboration between UNDP and Climate Bonds Initiative in the context of the UNDP's Climate Aggregation Platform – a Global Environment Facility (GEF)-funded project to promote the scale-up of financial aggregation for small-scale clean energy in developing countries. It is based on an extensive literature review and dozens of interviews with relevant stakeholders, both from the product (sell) and finance (buy) sides.

Confirmed speakers:
- Eduardo Appleyard, CAP Project Coordinator, UNDP
- Daniel McGree, Senior Research Analyst and Lead Author, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Krista Tukiainen, Head of Market Intelligence, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Stefanie Held, Director, UNDP Energy Hub
- Christine Eibs Singer, Energy Access Advocate (Independent)

Jun 23, 2022 »

Climate Bonds Initiative is delighted to invite you to a webinar which will give investors an exclusive look at Climate Bonds’ new draft criteria for the steel sector. Speakers will share important insights as we continue our expansion in hard to abate industries and also provide context for the public consultation process that will be kicked off at the same time.

The Steel Criteria will form part of the Climate Bonds Standard and provide a succinct set of decision rules for determining when steel projects and assets are compatible with a low carbon, climate resilient economy, and are eligible for Certification under the Climate Bonds Standard.

Steel production is responsible for 7-9% of global CO2 emissions and the demand for steel is expected to increase 40% by 2050. The financial sector will play a critical role in financing credible efforts to decarbonise the steel sector and bring it in line with 1.5°C pathways.

- Fabiana Contreras, Industry Transition Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Ali Hasanbeigi, Founder and CEO, Global Efficiency Intelligence, Steel criteria Technical Consultant.
- Max Åhman, Associate Professor and Head of Division, Environmental and Energy Systems Studies at Lund University
- Erik van Doezum, Director and Steel Lead, Metals, Mining & Fertilizers EMEA Division at ING.
- Anna Creed, Head of Standards, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

Jun 17, 2022 »

Join us for the launch of the ASEAN Sustainable Debt State of the Market 2021 Report, produced with the support of HSBC. 

Market and investor interest is increasingly being focused on the role that green bonds, green loans, social and sustainability bonds can play in sustainable development, infrastructure investment and low carbon growth paths.

The report provides definitive data and analysis of the shape & size of the green, social, and sustainable debt market in the region. 

Join us for insights on key trends and developments for the sustainable finance market in ASEAN in 2021, and what we may expect to see in 2022 for sustainable finance in ASEAN.

The major factors driving green investment and market directions in 2022/2023 will be discussed by the expert panel. A one-off opportunity to explore an extraordinary year in green finance and growth tends in coming years.

Jun 16, 2022 »

The US Municipal market is seeing an increased focus on Green, Social and Sustainable bonds, both from the point of view of issuers, as well as from investors. However, given the scale of the Muni market, there is opportunity for the market to develop much further.

To mobilise institutional money, and dedicated mandates which could help to drive policy change and shift capital at scale, the market needs more benchmark deals from the full range of economic sectors.

The purpose of the webinar, hosted by CBI and sponsored by the London Stock Exchange, is to provide an overview of the Green Muni Bond opportunity, targeting primarily issuers and investors in this market segment.


o Mike Brown, Environmental Finance Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

o Emily Robare, Head of Muni ESG Research, Pimco

o Aude Rajonson, Head of Fixed Income Origination, London Stock Exchange Group

o Candice Partridge, Social and Sustainability Bond Data Manager, Climate Bonds Initiative.

Moderator: Nancy Kummer, Chief Business Development Officer / Managing Director, BLX Group

Jun 7, 2022 »

The Climate Bonds Market Intelligence Team completed a report on the ASEAN member countries +3 that provided an overview of the sustainable finance landscape in each market that included the regulatory framework and market developments in terms of product innovation and range of financing/funding instruments utilized.


We would like to encourage a conversation with ASEAN central banks, regulator and financial market about the report’s findings between policy makers, investors, intermediaries and issuers on how to move forward to enable breadth and depth of the sustainable finance market in ASEAN+3.


- Sean Kidney, CEO & Founder, Climate Bonds Initiative

- Satoru Yamadera, Advisor, Asian Development Bank

- Daniel McGree, Senior Research Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative

- Kelvin Lee, Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission, Philippines

- Jason Mortimer, Head of Sustainable Investment – Fixed Income and Senior Portfolio Manager at Nomura Asset Management, Japan

- Ivy Lau, Head of Sustainable Finance, Mizuho Securities Asia Limited, Hong Kong, China

- Kosintr Puongsophol, Financial Sector Specialist, Asian Development Bank

Moderator: Zalina Shamsudin, Head of International Programmes - Asia Pacific, Climate Bonds Initiative

May 30, 2022 »
  • Caroline Harrison, Senior Research Analyst, Climate Bonds Initiative 
  • Neha Kumar, India Programme Manager, Climate Bonds Initiative 
  • Dhruba Purkayatha, Director, Climate Policy Initiative 
  • Rakesh Jha, Director, Sustainability, Management Consulting Division at Fichtner Consulting Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd
  • Anurag Bajpai, Director, Green Tree Global
  • Meyyappan Nagappan, Leader, Digital Tax and Social Finance at Nishith Desai Associates
  • Sanjoy Ghosh, Vice President, Business development and Climate Change (NABCONS) 
  • Shailendra Singh, Founder & CEO, SustainMantra

Moderator: Sandeep Bhattacharya, India Project Manager, Climate Bonds Initiative

May 24, 2022 »

London Stock Exchange and Climate Bonds Initiative invite you to join them for an insightful industry webinar delving into the development of the US green and sustainability bond market. This session will provide tangible insights relevant to market stakeholders, corporate treasurers and sustainability officers embarking on a sustainability journey.

The panelists will share their experiences, address key challenges and showcase green and sustainable bond issuance processes in the US.

The panel will comprise of a corporate bond issuer already on the sustainability journey, an institutional investor, an underwriter, a law firm, an international stock exchange and an international standard setting organization with extensive market intelligence.


- Sean Kidney, CEO & Founder, Climate Bonds Initiative
- Amber Chi, Senior VP & Assistant Treasurer, Salesforce
- Marilyn Ceci, Managing Director and Senior Advisor to the Center for Carbon Transition, J.P. Morgan
- Emily Weng, Vice President, BlackRock Global Fixed Income ESG Investment, BlackRock
- Alan Denenberg, Partner, Corporate Department, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
Moderator: Aude Rajonson, Head of Fixed Income Origination, London Stock Exchange Group

May 17, 2022 »

The Climate Bonds' Policy Team completed a report examining ASEAN central banks’ exposure to climate transition risks with a particular focus on Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

How the report reflected on these risks was by doing an analysis of combined data from credit filings by banks to the central bank supervisory section, bonds data collected by Asia Bond Monitor and “bottom-up” deal level data extracted from commercial databases of lending and bond issuance.

The primary recommendation from the data analysis was on how the taxonomies under development could be used to ensure banks are able to track their climate transition risks exposure through their portfolios.

We would like to encourage a conversation about the report’s findings on challenges to the financial sector in re-directing lending from fossil fuel to renewables and potential actions central banks might take to support the transition.

May 9, 2022 »

This webinar looks at issues facing the hard to abate industries in India, its journey towards a low carbon world - and financing the journey towards the same.


- Mr. Vishal Bahvsar, Head - Corporate Sustainability Head - Corporate Sustainability ,UltraTech Cement

- Mr. Gaurav Sarup, Director - ESG, Carbon & Social Performance at Vedanta Resources Limited.

- Ms. Apurba Mitra, Associate Partner at KPMG India Lt. Col.

- Monish Ahuja - Promoter and Managing Director , Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Private Limited.

- Barbara Calvi - Executive Director, Sustainable Investing, Fixed Income Investment Management , Morgan Stanley

Moderator: Karthik Iyer, Director of Programmes, Climate Bonds Initiative